Friday,22 February, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1229, (15 -21 January 2015)
Friday,22 February, 2019
Issue 1229, (15 -21 January 2015)

Ahram Weekly

“Preachers of Hate”

It was the holy month of Ramadan, of peace, of sacrifice of worship. A group of young soldiers kneeled to perform the prayers at sunset, when suddenly they were gunned down by their Muslim brethren.

At the town of ‘Kirdassa’, members of the police-force, with raised arms, were shot in cold blood. As they lay down dead, they were slaughtered, stripped of their uniforms, roped and dragged through the streets of the town, their fresh blood lighting the darkness of sorrow.

Young men were flung off rooftops, journalists, politicians, students and ordinary civilians were seized, tortured, electrocuted, and finally hung in the terror dungeons at the Rabaa sit-in. The number of deaths exceeded 3000.

Foreign embassies were aware of the daily carnage caused by the ‘monstrous brotherhood’ but not a word was heard from the world community, no media coverage, no objection, no sympathy, no outrage! What we heard was criticism for daring to depose a “democratically” elected president; “democratically” indeed!

Egyptians had the courage to remove a fraudulent, barbarous, brutish ruler and his barbarian rule!

Last week those same barbarians, for they are legion, murdered 12 French journalists at the weekly satirical publication “Charlie Hebdo” and the world stood still. “Oh horror, horror, horror/ Tongue nor heart cannot conceive nor name thee”.  Yes, doubtlessly a horrific scene that made all humans sick with grief and repulsion, especially Egyptians.

The name of Islam, one of the three ‘Abrahamic’ religions, is being ravaged by those very Muslims, or should we find another name for them---heartless beasts, mindless zealots, misguided fundamentalists?

Fundamentalism is the preacher of hate in any religion, sine qua non.

Ten years ago, investigative journalist Kenneth R Timmerman wrote a best-selling novel, “Preachers of Hate”, accusing the anti-Semitic Arabs of vicious hatred for Israel and America. Had Mr Timmerman delved a little deeper he would have discovered that we are also Semites, descendants of Abraham. Arabs are anti-Zionism.

While the whole world turned its back on the Jews it was the Arabs who embraced them, gave them shelter, welcomed them in their homes, had them work their land, only to find themselves without home, without land. It was the Jewish agenda, drawn up for decades to replace Palestine with the land of Israel.

Timmerman would have also discovered that prior to America’s defiant and blind support of Israel and its atrocities towards their original hosts, Arabs admired America, emulating their lifestyle, enjoyed their movies, hamburgers, pop-tunes and---blue jeans!

As for the subject of hate, that is inherent in man sitting side by side with Love. It fires up the adrenal glands, makes the heart beat faster, heightens the senses, making sure one survives the existential challenge. Hate has enormous survival value and only needs to be aroused not preached. It has been around since the beginning of time---remember Cain and Abel?

Every religion preaches peace and love, yet every religion distinguishes between –US—and—THEM.

Hatred of the Jews is nothing new, review your history.  In the Old Testament the Jews were always smiting one tribe or another into oblivion.

In 135 BC Antiochus Epiphanes desecrated Jewish Temples. Greek authors of the 1st century called them ‘sons of lepers.’  Anti-Semitism existed since pre-Roman times when none could read or write.  In 70 AD Titus took Jerusalem killing over one million Jews.

During the First Crusade of the Rhineland in 1096 11,000 Jews were massacred-- murdered, raped and plundered as the Crusaders made their way up the Rhine and down the Danube. It is mentioned in Jewish history as ‘the first Holocaust’. The Second and Third Crusades fared no better.

Islamist savages are sneered at  for crying “Allahu Akbar”, (God is Great), as they perform their savage deeds, the Crusaders burned alive hundreds of Jews huddled within a synagogue as they cried: ”Christ We Adore Thee”. Timmerman perhaps should investigate those ‘Preachers of Hate’.

Professor Phillip Jenkins of Penn State University writes:  “What about the Bible? It is far bloodier and more violent than the Qoran? In the Qoran war is largely a defence against attack. Surprisingly the Bible instructs Saul ’to kill both men and women, infant and nursing child, ox and sheep, camel and donkey’,  which can only be called genocide.”  “Sadly” writes Perkins, “the US an our allies are making matters worse by backing the most barbaric, crazed, fundamental  Muslims”.

Egypt did not opt for military despotism but for a man of compassion who preaches love not hate.  President Al- Sisi rushed back from a trip to Kuwait in order to attend the Coptic Christmas midnight mass with his fellow Egyptian Christians, a gesture unprecedented in our modern history.

The question remains, if indeed Arabs hate Israel and America, they have good reason. Why did St Ambrose of Milan call the Jews “the most worthless of all men, lecherous, greedy, rapacious”? Why were they expelled from England, France, Warsaw, Sicily, Lithuania, Portugal, Germany and Spain?  Remember the Spanish Inquisition?

Was Hitler not a Christian?  He was a madman, so are all the monstrous brotherhood and their extended family of Hamas, Hizbullah, Jihadists etc.

Under dirty skies Egypt was thrown in the gutter by the Preachers of Hate, but our valuable knowledge of the past leads us with respect and purpose to our future.

We can never underrate the monstrosity of Paris. We know! Grievingly we join the French in their mournful chant: “Je suis Charlie”! 

“ I am constantly amazed by man’s inhumanity to man” Anonymous


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