Sunday,17 February, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1230, (22 - 28 January 2015)
Sunday,17 February, 2019
Issue 1230, (22 - 28 January 2015)

Ahram Weekly


Compiled by Doaa El-Bey

Al-Ahram Weekly

From ‘A Happy Day’ to ‘The Land of Dreams’

“Faten Hamama presented the cinema with more than 103 movies starting with A Happy Day. Her last movie was The Land of Dreams. She also played an outstanding role in the famous soap Dameer Abla Hekmat, the conscience of Ms Hekmat, in 1991.”  Al-Youm Al-Sabei

A busy agenda
“The message that Egypt has returned [to the international stage], Egyptian ambitions, Arab issues, religious reform as well as improving the image of Islam are the main files that President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi will be dealing with on his visit to Abu Dhabi and Davos this week.”
Yasser Rizk, Al-Akhbar


Bread, freedom and social justice
“25 January Revolution will live on in history as an Egyptian uprising against corruption and the collusion of authority and money. It will live on in memory of those who sacrifised their lives without asking for anything in return... They took to the streets just to call for ‘bread, freedom and social justice’.”
Nashwa Al-Hofi, Al-Watan


“Charlie Hebdo represents a historic test of the French government and President Francois Hollande, who became the least popular president in the fifth republic. That  may push him to take rash decisions or wear the cloak of the saviour against terrorism.”
Wahid Abdel-Meguid, Al-Ahram


“With the death of the Princess of Love, love is dead. She taught us how to love. Thank you, Faten Hamama.”
Souhair Rifat

“The best thing we did in the 25 January Revolution is to topple religious fascism. Apart from that we are still going through natural post-revolution development phases. As for the economic situation, I am optimistic: greater improvements in security will lead to more economic progress. But we are in dire need of economists who believe in contemporary rather than traditional development theories in order to make economic leaps.”
Maged Shenouda


Reem Abdellatif @Reem_Abdellatif
Deeply saddened by the news of #FatenHamama’s death. Her iconic movies will always live in our hearts.

salamamoussa @salamamoussa  
DeGaulle once remarked that Catherine Deneuve looked like France. The same can be said about Faten Hamama &

Aleksander Pavli @sandripavli 

#CharlieHebdo was a tragedy?! Seeing the mechanism of hate, terror & #humanrights violation that snapped in the world, I say: was a trigger!

Lyn Bender @Lynestel  
Huge coverage of #CharlieHebdo - While the world ignores Boko Haram’s Baga killing of 2,000 Nigerians?

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