Thursday,20 September, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1230, (22 - 28 January 2015)
Thursday,20 September, 2018
Issue 1230, (22 - 28 January 2015)

Ahram Weekly


The Charlie Hebdo attack was soon hijacked by Zionists to fit their agenda, not surprising, perhaps, but galling all the same, writes Mohamed Salmawy

Al-Ahram Weekly

One of the strangest repercussions of the terrorist attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo is the Zionist exploitation of that tragedy. It was as though the target were a Jewish establishment.

A train of participants on French talk shows and current events programmes framed the incident as though it were part and parcel of a campaign to target Jews throughout the world. Some warned of the rise in anti-Semitic rhetoric in France and the need to confront it in order to counter terrorism and racism.

Then, as though all Jewish agencies were carrying out a single agreed upon plan, there was the Israeli prime minister trying to take centre stage at the solidarity march called for by French President Hollande.

The Israeli official responsible for perpetrating state terrorism should be brought before the International Criminal Court, but in Paris he proclaims solidarity with the French and acts as though he were one of the victims of terrorism, under which heading he includes acts of legitimate resistance on the part of a people whose land has been under Israeli occupation for three quarters of a century and who are, indeed, victims of terrorism on a daily basis.

In addition, while most of the French participants in the solidarity demonstration carried signs reading, “I am Charlie Hebdo,” many added, “I am Jewish.”

This is how Zionism tries to wash off the blood that has accumulated on its hands from the massacres it has committed from Deir Yassin in 1947 to Gaza several months ago. It paints itself as the victim, which ruse it has used to deceive the world for nearly a century since the Balfour Declaration in 1917.

The way in which the terrorist attack in France was exploited threw into relief the customary tactics of Zionist Judaism, which is adept at turning every incident to its advantage, regardless of how much the facts have to be twisted.

But the facts are that the State of Israel is the greatest perpetrator of systematic terrorism in modern history and that Arab Muslims are the foremost victims of this terrorism, perpetrated by persons who then have the audacity to take part in anti-terrorist marches.

Indeed, Arab Muslims are the chief victims of terrorism carried out in the name of Islam. The numbers of Arab Muslims who have died in Islamist terrorist attacks are many times more than the number of foreign victims.

The case of Egypt vividly illustrates this truth. So who are the terrorists? Who are the victims?

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