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Current issue | Issue 1230, (22 - 28 January 2015)
Monday,17 June, 2019
Issue 1230, (22 - 28 January 2015)

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Entre Nous - How to manage your boss

Learning how to deal with your boss is an important skill that can determine how far you will progress. Experts have identified five categories of bosses. The following are suggestions on how best to deal with them.

The boss who excels: This is the best boss as he is a good manager and handles his employees efficiently. Such bosses have positive vibes about them and can produce results even in the middle of a crisis. They’re highly professional and expect employees to behave similarly.

The trick: Perform your duties well because such bosses are determined to rise in the hierarchy. If he feels you are a threat to his goals, he will get rid of you. But if you mind your own business, you will always stay in his good books.


The boss who displays his power: This kind of boss always wants to give the impression that he is completely in control of the situation, even though he isn’t. He simply loves being a boss and believes that bosses are above-average professionals. This type of boss gives importance to discipline, rather than performance, and believes that with discipline, employees will eventually perform.

The trick: Show him respect and make him feel that he is the big boss and you will be able to go about your duties undisturbed. Even if he is an easygoing boss, don’t break the rules, and if you do, make sure he doesn’t notice.


The boss with a superiority complex: This kind of boss loves screaming and has a very edgy character by nature. He believes that others are always wrong. Even before he has said a word, he has already made you anxious and worried about what he is going to say next.

The trick: Never give the impression that you are fed up, as he gets satisfaction from watching his subordinates take his nonsense. The more you accept his verbal blows, the more he believes he is right, and thus you will stay on his good side. However, if you try to oppose him or get into an argument with him, you may risk your position in the company.

The boss who doesn’t belong: This kind of boss gives the impression that he’s not fit for the post. Because of this, the majority of his incentive speeches will include a list of his past achievements. He places a lot of importance on performance, but lacks the management skills to make it happen. He has possibly been promoted without the relevant qualities. However, if he has enough time he may eventually be a good boss as he is eager to learn.

The trick: Offer him help and gain his friendship as this type of boss always welcomes advice that can help him get his bearings. But don’t expect him to be lenient. He has a reputation to maintain, and he can’t make any false moves or tolerate mistakes by his team members.

The boss who threatens: This type of boss is aggressive by nature and tries to get things done by issuing commands. He has a large ego, and he keeps it with him while he is in the office. But though he threatens his employees, he doesn’t go overboard because he is insecure and doesn’t want to lose his authority. He believes that too much intimidation could lessen his grip on his employees. He keeps to his own space and is reserved by nature.

The trick: The best way to deal with him is to respect his privacy. Don’t interact with him unless it’s really important. Try to be smart and know how to win him over as a friend.

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