Saturday,18 August, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1233, (12 - 18 February 2015)
Saturday,18 August, 2018
Issue 1233, (12 - 18 February 2015)

Ahram Weekly


Compiled by Doaa El-Bey

Al-Ahram Weekly

90 billion on health

“Mohamed Maiet, assistant health minister, stated that Egyptians spend more than LE90 billion on their health every year. The lack of clear health policies as well as the absence of an infrastructure are among the main obstacles to the application of a comprehensive health insurance system.”    Al-Shorouk

Warm welcome
“Egyptians have the right to welcome Putin and hold up his picture. This is his second visit to Egypt in the last 10 years — the first was in 2005 — but [this time] it is going to be very warm because of the appreciation and respect that the people have for Russia and Putin. The high-level delegation that accompanies Putin and includes the foreign and defence ministers is likely to add to the warmth of the visit.”
Adel Al-Sanhouri, Al-Youm Al-Sabei


The next parliament
“The next parliament will be that of individual choices even if the selection will be according to lists. We do not have a strong political party that is supported by the president or the government, or strong opposition parties that have popular programmes. Instead, we are supposed to choose from individuals that either belong to the old families that traditionally run for parliament, or what is left from the foloul (remnants of the regime) or the Muslim Brotherhood. Definitely it is not going to be a parliament that represents the revolutionary people who launched two revolutions and toppled two regimes.”
Emadeddin Adib, Al-Watan

We are indebted to them
 “When activist Ahmed Doma clapped [after the verdict], he represented millions of youth who took part in the revolution. However, all the mistakes that the youth committed — even those considered crimes — are mere political mistakes that can be ascribed to a lack of experience or the absence of political frameworks after the fall of the regime and the havoc that surrounded the first transitional period. In short, we are indebted to those youth and it is not fair to deny the role they played.”
Anwar Al-Hawari, Al-Masry Al-Youm


“News coming in from Cairo says that at least 20 fans have been killed today in a football (soccer) match between Zamalek and Enppi. Official media say that cause of death was a stampede due to the fans of White Nights (the Zamalek club’s Ultras) attempting to enter the stadium with no tickets. Other sources say that police used live ammunition to disperse the crowds, and that the figure may be larger than 20. The fans inside the stadium are calling on Omar Gaber, the Zamalek player who refused to play in the game, realising that his team’s supporters are being killed outside the stadium.”
Khaled Fahmy

“The timing of today’s [Monday] massacre after Al-Sisi [tape] leaks condemns the regime. Meanwhile, the timing of the massacre hours before Putin’s visit boosts the theory of a conspiracy to topple the state. In all cases, the Interior Ministry is the party that works hard to topple the state — in a silly way.”
Wael Al-Sadat


Joel Gulhane @jgulhane  
Ultras White Knights member who was at stadium says there were large crowds, police started hitting ppl, fired tear gas causing ppl to run.

Gigi Ibrahim @Gsquare86  
As we are counting the dead of #UWK #Zamalek #Ultras the soccer game is counting the goals!! I hate this life! #Egypt

Mada Masr @MadaMasr  
#Ultras say police fired tear gas & Birdshot, Interior Ministry refutes fire, head of Zamalek club blames Brotherhood.

Amina Tharwat Abaza @Fou2adaMasr  
White Nights football supporters. R these really supporters or thugs paid by Muslim Brothers terrorists 2 burn Egypt.

marlyn @virtualactivism  
Activist Ahmed Doma gets a life sentence. Life? Life? Wow! for what? That is insane!

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