Saturday,22 September, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1237, (12 - 18 March 2015 )
Saturday,22 September, 2018
Issue 1237, (12 - 18 March 2015 )

Ahram Weekly

Projects to look out for at the conference:

Al-Ahram Weekly

The Ministry of Housing is presenting seven projects. The biggest is October Oasis in Sixth October City, a housing and business scheme with an investment worth LE150 billion. Other real estate projects include Zayed Crystal Spark, a LE150 billion venture to be built on 190 feddans in Sixth October and will be home to Egypt’s tallest tower at 200 metres; the Marina-Alamein tourism centre, expected to provide some 14,000 jobs; a tourist strip in New Aswan City; and a new administrative capital for Egypt on the Cairo-Suez road.


The Ministry of Tourism has prepared five projects totalling LE5.26 billion, including a LE1.076 billion resort in Hurghada’s Gamsha Bay; two resorts in Marsa Alam, southeast of Egypt on the Red Sea, valued at LE1.215 billion and LE663 million respectively; and a LE318 million resort on Egypt’s Mediterranean North Coast. This is in addition to a grand sport resort in Safaga, south of Hurghada on the Red Sea, estimated at LE1.989 billion.


The Ministry of Transportation’s list includes five projects with an investment cost totalling some LE20 billion. This includes two logistics centres in Sixth October and Tenth of Ramadan cities, river bus lines around Greater Cairo, electric trains within Cairo and a container terminal in Port Said governorate.


The Ministry of Electricity and Energy is proposing three major projects worth about LE45 billion, including four solar power plants and two power generation stations in Upper Egypt with a capacity of 7,000 megawatts, in addition to turning the national electricity grid into a smart version using modern technology.


The Ministry of Petroleum has investment projects worth approximately LE70 billion. These include projects in crude oil production, petrochemicals, oil refining and mineral resources. Its plan includes a project in the New Valley governorate to produce phosphate fertilisers and phosphoric acid at a total cost of about LE8.5 billion. There is also a LE19 billion project for the production of propylene and its extracts.


The Ministry of Health has prepared two major projects requiring an estimated LE110 billion. One is a factory for manufacturing self-destructing syringes, which can help prevent transmission of diseases. The other is a factory for the production of pharmaceuticals from blood components and plasma derivatives.


The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade will unveil the Global Logistics Centre for Grain Handling in Damietta governorate. The LE2 billion megaproject is crucial to Egypt as it is the world’s biggest grain importer. The project is expected to safeguard Egypt’s strategic reserves of wheat and other grains, and provide thousands of jobs.


The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology has planned ten ventures valued at LE23 billion, including technology parks and smart electricity meters.


 Mega-development projects


Northwest Coast Development Project:

This extends over a total area of 160,000 square km, including the 500-km stretch of Mediterranean coastline between Alamein and Saloum, on the border with Libya, with a depth into the desert of 280 km.

The project plans to create 11 million jobs through tourism and agricultural development over the coming three decades. As part of the project, new urban communities, including the city of New Alamein, will be built to absorb the population increase of 34 million over the next 40 years.

The Golden Triangle:

The Golden Triangle refers to a 6,000-square-km area that extends from Qena in Upper Egypt to Safaga and Qoseir in the Eastern Desert overlooking the Red Sea. Its goal is to establish an industrial, agricultural, touristic and commercial zone.

The area, rich in natural resources, will include projects for extraction, manufacturing and trade in metals. Industries manufacturing fertilisers, phosphates, cement and gold have potential in the area. The Red Sea location will also mean commercial activity through the ports as well as urban and tourist development.


Damietta Logistics Centre:

Developing Damietta is part of a larger plan to develop Egypt as a global logistics centre. It involves an area of 3.35 million square metres, and includes the Port of Damietta and an untapped industrial area northeast of the port. Modern silos for the storage of 7.5 million tons of grain will be built.

The Damietta port will be upgraded with new piers to receive large ships. A well-equipped river pier will also be added. The storage area will be connected by a road bridge for vehicles, and conveyor belts in the industrial area will facilitate the transfer of grain.


Suez Canal Area Development Project (SCADP):

This project is separate from the Suez Canal project, which will excavate a second waterway to enable two-way traffic in the canal. The second waterway, expected to cost LE60 billion, is set for completion by the summer of 2015.

The project will create industrial and logistics centres in support of the Suez Canal project, serving as an international hub. The goal is to support the expected increased canal traffic and establish value-added services and industries.




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