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Current issue | Issue 1238, (19 - 25 March 2015)
Wednesday,22 August, 2018
Issue 1238, (19 - 25 March 2015)

Ahram Weekly


Compiled by  Doaa El-Bey

Al-Ahram Weekly

A vision for Egypt in 2030‬

“On the fringe of the EEDC, the government disclosed ‘a strategy for sustained development, a vision for Egypt 2030’. The government, according to this strategy, is committed to achieving an average of seven per cent economic growth, raising investment by 30 per cent and reducing unemployment to five per cent.”‬ Al-Shorouk‬

Memorable days‬
“If there were days that are imprinted on memory forever for their glory, the three days of the EEDC would doubtless be among those days. If the goal was to unite Egyptians and strengthen Egypt’s ties with other countries, the EEDC achieved that goal and went beyond it.”‬
Sami Abdel-Aziz, Al-Watan‬

Defeating terrorism‬
“I believe the conference realised its aim even before it started, in that it was an unprecedented international demonstration of support for Egypt. Meanwhile the success of the conference gave the terrorists a shock they can hardly recover from. What remains paramount, however, is that the pledges of the conference should be transformed into realities on the ground; every stone that is used to build the country contributes to the defeat of extremism.”‬
Emadeddin Hussein, Al-Shorouk‬

The conference succeeded‬
“The EEDC’s organisation was very good (though rather than doing it ourselves we delegated it to a foreign company). The gifts that were declared at the opening session were enough to make the conference a success (though this lacked the element of surprise since it was known beforehand). Security arrangements were effective (but they were just for the event)... Hopes for improving the economy were high (but there was some exaggeration from officials and the media and wishful thinking from the people).” ‬
Gamal Al-Gaml, Al-Masry Al-Youm‬


“I hope the experts will enlighten me regarding the new Cairo project.  The project will cost $45 billion, that is some LE350 billion, which is a huge amount. How will the project be financed? Is it going to affect the state budget? Will it place a burden on future generations? According to a list of priorities, is it the most important? Why was the project not disclosed beforehand to Egyptians, who have the right to know what is being planned for their country? These are some serious questions whose purpose is not to belittle the success of the EEDC or the huge effort exerted.”   ‬
Nour Farahat‬

“Our media perceives nothing in the EEDC except the strong messages we have sent the world. It does want to see the strong message that the world has sent us. We are a people that never learn.”      ‬
Hazem A Hosny‬


Love Life &Smile @loveLife_Smile   ‬
I am very happy that I attended the Economic conference & witnessed all the business deals & a new Egypt Cheers to a better future.‬

Mina Fayek @minafayek ‬
#EEDC2015 gives hope to many but with corruption, bureaucracy & lack of transparency, we may never know where did all this money go. #Egypt‬

Mada Masr @MadaMasr   ‬
Sisi: I said the #EEDC2015 was Egypt’s arm, but the rest of the body has to work with it.‬

Timothy E Kaldas @tekaldas   ‬
Simple question. Is building new city rather than fixing country full of decaying ones best use of $66 billion in Egypt? Doubtful #EEDC2015.‬

Mohamed Fadel Fahmy @MFFahmy11 ‬
Extremely proud of the presentation & professionalism of #EEDC2015 Friends of Egypt continue to draw a glorious future for all of us!‬

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