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Current issue | Issue 1238, (19 - 25 March 2015)
Wednesday,18 July, 2018
Issue 1238, (19 - 25 March 2015)

Ahram Weekly

A nation prevails

Al-Ahram Weekly

Hundreds of delegations arrived, speeches were made, and deals were signed, but this wasn’t just any other conference. The Sharm El-Sheikh gathering was a turning point for this nation. It was as much testimony to world confidence in our country’s ability to get back on track as it was an assertion that the Muslim Brotherhood and its friends cannot bomb us into submission.

A conference that was designed to reassure the world has brought us the vote of confidence we were waiting for, matched by billions of dollars in investment, to be channelled into projects that create jobs, trigger development for us and the entire region, and reverse the rot that threatened to engulf us.

Friends and allies saw the point, sensed the determination and appreciated the fact that Egypt needs to stand tall for this region, indeed for the world, and establish a safe harbour.

This is not what the Muslim Brotherhood wanted. Having failed in government, incurring the ire of an entire nation, and then ousted in the nick of time, the Islamist group thought only of itself, claimed that the current regime in Egypt was illegitimate, that the country was unstable, and it shed blood to prove the point.

The joke’son it now. Leaders and diplomats, investors and consortiums flocked to Sharm El-Sheikh to be part of the future, giving the lie to the Muslim Brotherhood and hope to Egypt. Theirs is the kind of support we expected, and the boost we need to move into a future of peace and prosperity, democracy and equity.

It is what we expected because nations always defeat cliques, and the mainstream outstays the fringe. The Muslim Brotherhood took leave of its senses when it endorsed bloodshed against the nation, when it vowed to bring havoc and destruction to punish the people for unseating it from the power it had abused.

The Muslim Brotherhood planned and endorsed all the acts of violence witnessed in the country over the past few weeks, reaching a crescendo right before the Sharm summit. This is why the success of the summit was a slap in the face of the Muslim Brotherhood, a blow to its tattered pride and a last nail in the coffin of its damaged reputation.

The roadside bombs and the homemade devices that exploded near law courts and government buildings, the explosions that targeted railways and power lines, the acts of arson targeting banks none of that was enough to impede our forward momentum.

Just as the nation stood behind its army to remove an incompetent and prejudiced group from power, the world stood by the nation in its quest for a better future, not the future the Muslim Brotherhood wanted for us. Not the future of Iraq, Libya and Yemen.

We said no, and the world said no with us. The Muslim Brotherhood and its jihadist friends wanted to turn Egypt into a failed state, a crippled nation an ungovernable land. But their wishes were doomed from the start.

Egypt is holding together, and the terrorists have no place among us. The damage they did will be reversed, and the wounds they inflicted will be healed. For this country has the energy and determination to enable its people to lead normal and rewarding lives.

By supporting terror and defying the nation, the Muslim Brotherhood has turned itself into a footnote in our history, an incidental anomaly inflicted on an otherwise sane nation.

When the US faced a crippling economic crisis a few years back, the country’s two major parties came together to look for a solution, discarding their differences and working for a shared goal. This is what responsible parties do, but not the Muslim Brotherhood, and not their terrorist friends who are convinced that we deserve the lot of Afghanistan or Somalia.

True patriots abandon their narrow agendas when the future of the country is at stake. They suppress their short-term interests for the long-term benefit of the nation as a whole. That’s what real patriots do, not the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood wanted to use the tensions of the transitional period to subjugate the nation, and swore to punish it when it shook its yoke. By doing so, the Muslim Brotherhood proved that it is not a patriotic group, but a cult seeking to promote its own agenda.

The Muslim Brotherhood was hoping to come back to power with the help of Ankara and Doha, but their way was blocked by a nation that had other things in mind, such as the future in a modern and democratic state.

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