Friday,21 September, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1240, (2 - 8 April 2015)
Friday,21 September, 2018
Issue 1240, (2 - 8 April 2015)

Ahram Weekly

Walk like an Egyptian

It is Spring in Egypt again! This season of renewal and rebirth had disappeared for the last four years. A cloud of hopelessness cast an oblique shadow on our eternally sunny skies, stretching a dim and gloomy winter year after year. Our world became a huge sanatorium for the sick, the desperate, the down-trodden and the mourners. Sleep had flown away from the endless dark nights. Now, suddenly the gates of the sanatorium have opened, the sun is shining again; the sick are healthy again; the birds are chirruping again and smiles are appearing again. It is Spring in Egypt, again!

May be all is well with the world! No, not quite!

Whoever called the rise of Islamist extremists ‘the Arab Spring’ was either mocking or sorely mistaken. Ever since the infamous days of Sykes & Picot when in 1916, the British and the French spread out the map of the Arab world and began their conspiracy of shattering it to bits and: “remold it nearer to the heart’s desire”.  Then along came the famous German/American Heinz Kissinger, better known as Henry Kissinger, who took the conspiracy even further, by plotting wars between the Muslim Arabs, having them kill each other, while the West watched and their economy flourished, providing them with their weapons of destruction.

No strong nation would be allowed to stand in the area. We have seen them fall one by one, but not Egypt!  

For thousands of years Egypt has prevailed over all adversities. It devoured its invaders, rather than vice-versa. The enormity of its civilisation has dazzled the universe for millennia. It has carved its name across the world’s surface, and will not be erased, disappear or crumble. This is Egypt ‘WORLD’…remember and take heed!

A baffled and befuddled Obama has left this part of the world more in disarray than it has ever been. Whatever power and leadership America held, he has gradually destroyed. With extreme arrogance and ignorance, he constantly sides with terrorists, violent extremists and evil factions of Islam. It is “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma”.

Trying to micro-manage elections in distant lands by financing the opposition is the epitome of imperiousness. What a slap on the face when the will of the people triumphed, in Israel and in Egypt. He financed the Monstrous Brotherhood elections with millions of tax-payers’ dollars. It was a practice in deceit, bribery and fraudulence and not the will of the people.  

Egyptians, proud and independent, refused the rule of terror, violence and bloodshed. They demanded change. The army stood by the people. They drove the MB out, calling for free elections. The people chose a man who possessed the virtues of leadership, believed in the moderate observance of Islam, and possessed a deep appreciation of the stature of this ancient civilisation that still stands tall while so many others have fallen.

The rest of the world disapproved. Imagine! Is that not the democracy they have taught and practised? How can they contest the will of the people? They did!  They all did, insisting we keep the terrorist rule to conserve the conspiracy they so carefully plotted.

Persistently ignoring all opposition, we dance to our own drummer and not theirs.

The mid-March International Economic Conference hastened the coming of our Spring. Leaders from over 60 countries attended, some curious, others skeptical, but the majority had a sincere interest in this great land. They liked what they saw. They pledged to aid and invest in the future of Egypt. The Russians came to help. The Americans came to ridicule. John Kerry was confused and embarrassed, but his boss is still refusing to resume aid promised by a bounding treaty to Egypt, since the MB was banished. They called our new government a military dictatorship under a despotic ruler. Who is the despot now?

An illogical opinion only requires rope enough to hang itself!

Among the harshest critics was the Fox News Network, the foremost cable network in America. March brought along their ace news anchor Bret Baier, to interview Egyptian President Al-Sisi, the so-called military despot they have been railing about. What he found was a modest man of superior wisdom and the patience of job. He reduced the chaos to harmony with unrivalled acumen; a man of faith who feared God, who treated monarch and slave alike. He met a man with an undying passion, one genuine feeling, to give practical expression to the mind of the nation and to return to Egypt the glory of its past.  

Preferring to respond to questions in his native tongue, Al-Sisi accurately described his fight against Islamic terrorism at his borders and within his country. He stressed his desire to have Islamic leaders re-vise verses in the Holy Qoran totally misinterpreted by terrorists for their own political gain. So impressed with the sincerity, dignity and demeanor of Egypt’s leader, Baier has turned Fox News from adversary to ally in less than a day. No matter how long it takes truth shall prevail.

Turbulence, turmoil and terror still hover over Arab skies. We are confident that they shall witness their true Spring soon, defying all odds, finding their way out of a labyrinth that has no exits.

We are right there by their side. We wish to share our newly found spring with all who wish Egypt well.

Egyptians walk towards a bright future.

“Peace if possible, but truth at any rate”
Martin Luther (1483-1546)

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