Friday,21 September, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1243, (23 - 29 April 2015)
Friday,21 September, 2018
Issue 1243, (23 - 29 April 2015)

Ahram Weekly

A song for springtime

“Spring is here! Why isn’t my heart singing?”, so goes the song, and why not?  A black cloud of pain and fury covers the fresh blossoming of Mother Nature.  Whatever the events, Nature follows her own course and at springtime it is reborn. It dresses itself in a rainbow of colours, dazzling, hypnotic, heavenly! It gives you a tingle up your spine and if this still does not make your heart sing — sway it!

Remove the ‘cobwebs and the sorrow’, open your shutters, your windows your doors. Breathe in the snippy, stimulating air and bask in the picturesque kaleidoscope Nature lays at your feet.

That done…. now open your closet.  Remove the browns, greys and tweeds and replace them with the vibrant spring and summer blooms. A few additions here, a few eliminations there and you will sail smoothly through the coming months.

Turn your colour palette and pause slightly at the colour pink…youthful, innocent; fit for a June bridesmaid. Look to the sky, blue and clear, to the ocean, azure and deep, to the grass, green and gleaming; all served as an inspiration to designers of the season. By all means keep your black, always chic.  Whoever suggested to exchange your LBD ( little black dress), with the LDD ( little denim dress) was definitely delusional.

White is unmistakably…summer. White Lace is the rave; flirty, feminine it spells romance and leaves you breathless.…so do its cousins, eyelet, broderie anglaise, linen,  or opulent guipure, chiffon,  or just plain cotton. All light, fresh and oh, so cool! The look inspires your own song of springtime.

Is there anything more stunning than an all- white pantsuit?   You can add a narrow black or gold belt but all white from head to toe is a head-turner.

Military styles are here to stay, even during the hot months. Balmain shows a string of army jackets in army-green, long enough to cover your mini, mini…. another style that never seems to go away. In fact it is considered a 60s classic, and the 60s is what the new trend is all about.

Shades of desert sand go well with army styles and with the tumult that surrounds us day after day.  Marc Jacobs loves this look….in jeans, jackets and jumpsuits.  If pastels are your summer choice follow the Ferragamo collection, reminiscent of the colours on your spice-rack, cinnamon, mustard, cumin, pepper, saffron, in much softer shades with an urban chic that will attract all the attention.

Speaking of jumpsuits, take courage and try one. Not only are they in, they are flattering and comfortable…except for putting on and taking off.  They give you a slinky, sultry silhouette and adapt to all fabrics.  Another 60s style is the wide-legged trouser. Remember? You may still have a pair in the back of your closet.  Cut off the hem well above the ankle for a more dramatic impact..  A short top with a bare midriff will double the effect, but if that is not your thing, a cropped top will do.  Bare-backs, cutouts as well as bare-midriffs are the clique chic, if you are bold enough and preferably in your teens.

Tired of the soft, sedate look, there’s a jungle wild side at your disposal. Fendi’s big, lush blooms with the vivid colours of the tropics, easily replace your boring bouquet…fresh out of the jungle or at least an exotic hothouse of blooms…just do not allow them to swallow you up.       

Lagerfeld for Chanel transformed Le Grand Palais into a magical spring garden, where buds burst into bloom simultaneously…with mechanical help of course. His collection of flat-sock booties, bared midriff, slouchy skirts and huge Edwardian hats may not please every taste…It seemed like Alice stepping into the rabbit’s hole to her wonderland. Master Karl lives in an alternate universe.

At Valentino’s the designers were inspired by more lofty traditions of the 18th century — traditions of iconic Italy, views and souvenirs, images of memoirs,, scarf prints, baroque blooms, classic ruins and Adriatic seascapes, Tempted to take a trip to Italy?

Armani hurried through the spring garden to take a dip under the sea, creating multiple dresses that looked like they were ripped by jellyfish and other sea-creatures.  Long skirts with fringes to reincarnate fish-tails and pants with pleats that looked like sand ripples, as though the tide came in. Short, short skirts, sheer, sheer trousers, but who to wear them?

Other designers followed suit and took the plunge to explore the mysterious treasures in the deep blue ocean.

For your special occasions nothing beats lace.  Black is forever stunning, but white lace is also popping up in un-bride-like styles, on sleeves, bodices collars, etc.  Strapless is an undying classic, but backless, one-shoulder and slit skirts are a smart replacement.

Not all styles fit every age, but every age can modify style to fit it.  Whether you are 20 or 60 or over, you can step in style so long as it becomes you.  Embrace your body and dress it fashionably and classically..  Hide bony knees, sagging arms….and avoid those gladiator sandals that can reach to your thighs.  They may look scrumptious on rounded, firm, legs, but sensible, comfortable pumps are elegant and eternal.

If you do not own a sneaker, and who doesn’t, get one. They are the year’s craze and so comfortable, you could almost be walking on air.

 May be then, you can hear your heart sing!

“Fashions, after all, are only induced epidemics” George Bernard Shaw  ( 1856-1950 )

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