Friday,17 August, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1244, (30 April - 6 May 2015)
Friday,17 August, 2018
Issue 1244, (30 April - 6 May 2015)

Ahram Weekly


The harvest season
The harvest season
Al-Ahram Weekly

The harvest season
839 tons of fuel is to be used in the harvest of some 3,415,000 acres of wheat.  More than 452,000 acres have already been harvested.

A non-permanent sea

“Egypt exerted much effort on the regional and international levels to win a non-permanent seat in the Security Council. Egypt took this decision in the light of its keenness to preserve international peace and security, push forward issues of the developing and third world countries as well as issues related to disarmament and non proliferation of nuclear weapons.”

Al-Youm Al-Sabei

Phosphate in the Nile

“Many are afraid to drink tap water after the drowning of a barge carrying phosphate in spite of the Minister of Irrigation’s statement that the Nile water is clean. The reports of the Company for Drinking Water supported that statement. Nevertheless, citizens do not believe them...”

Ahmed Galal, Al-Akhbar

Society will pay

“The Muslim Brotherhood will pay the price of the rising terrorist and violent operations that it is instigating out whether directly or via a proxy. However, all of society will pay a price as well. These operations are the best gift to the hawks who want to annul any talk of freedoms and human rights and call for a return of emergency laws on the pretext that 'no voice should be heard above the voice of the battle’.”

Emadeddin Hussein, Al-Shorouk

33 years ago

“Sinai is different 33 years after its liberation. The terrorist operations increased in northern Sinai in a way that necessitated intensifying military and security operations there. Meanwhile, President Al-Sisi’s wise decision to earmark LE10 billion to develop Sinai is a very important step as developing Sinai and providing jobs for its citizens will contribute to containing and uprooting terrorism."

Osama Al-Ghazali Harb, Al-Ahram


“Everything is alright. Tap water is clean. I, personally, drink it."

Ahmed Abdel Naim, Al-Akhbar         


Nourhan Elsayed@NourhanElsayed 

Cherif Choubachy, self-proclaimed women liberator, wants to force women to dress in a certain way.



Anti-Veil: Wonderful initiative and powerful message of men and woman, will it be a success?


Koert Debeuf@koertdebeuf 

Egypt: yesterday a good friend of mine decided to put off her veil. Here I try to explain why she's not the only one.


Sherifa Zuhur@SherifaZuhur

No hard data yet on #s to support claim that veil is on retreat in Egypt or region-wide. Each has different impressions.


“In his daily column in Al-Masry Al-YoumMohamed Amin wrote an article entitled ‘Should we congratulate Mubarak?' He wondered whether we should congratulate the military institution only on Sinai Liberation Day or congratulate Mubarak as well. We do not hate Mubarak, he continued, but we blame him for what happened to Egypt in the last few years of his rule.

“We should remember Sinai rather than Mubarak today. We need to cleanse it of terrorism. Nobody is happy about what is happening to Sinai at the hands of the MB. Mubarak tried to make a deal with them, but the group outwitted him.

“What is happening in Sinai is not the only reason for not congratulating Mubarak, but his insistence on not apologising. Until he apologises we cannot forgive or congratulate him.”

Yehia Tarraf


“Mubarak would not have appeared on Sada Al-Balad, the channel controlled by symbols of his regime, unless the sovereign parties agreed to it. However, that appearance has one meaning, that Mubarak's regime is quickly and strongly gaining ground and that there are continuous attempts to acquit him and denounce the revolution. But these attempts should not acquit his regime from the political and economic corruption.” 

Nour Farahat

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