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Current issue | Issue 1245, (7 - 13 May 2015)
Monday,20 August, 2018
Issue 1245, (7 - 13 May 2015)

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Wheelie and stoppie

The Egyptian Drifting Championship excited 4,000 enthusiasts while the Stunt Bike Championship was dominated by Alexandrians. Mohamed Abdel-Razek reports

Al-Ahram Weekly

Although not a well known tournament in Egypt, the Stunt Bike Championship (SBC) seeks to establish a fan base for itself, with the second ever event of its kind in Egypt’s history, after last year’s edition.

The stunt bike competition is similar to drifting in car racing in that it is mostly a show that tests the control, precision, and talent of the racer. Riders are offered a limited time of three minutes to do their performance. The whole race consists of three heats, which means that each rider gets to perform a total of nine minutes for the judges who take the best score out of the three in a procedure they keep secret.

The judging panel consisted of experienced stunt bikers Ahmed Al-Bakri, Ahmed Badr and Khaled Kapo. The bikers are expected to perform several main stunts to be graded on. In the wheelie, the rider lifts the front of the motorcycle off the ground by means of either power or clutching while staying in motion.

Stoppie is the complete opposite, meaning that the rider lifts the back wheel of the bike while riding on the front wheel and carefully vectoring his front brake.

Another famous trick is the burn out, which is locking the front brakes while applying full throttle, letting the back wheel spin against the ground spraying tyre smoke everywhere. Drifting is also required – going sideways with as much consistency and angle possible, which requires great skill and balance.  

On a sunny Friday 1 May, 16 bikers lined up in three different categories ready to entertain. In the Race Bike category, the competition was fierce among the riders who came from all over Egypt to participate. Amr Mohamed from Alexandria won first place ahead of Rami Said from Cairo, while Mohamed Saghir from Alexandria came third. “I was amazed with the performance of the young riders, especially the talented Saghir,”said Bakri.

In the Trail Bike, Ahmed Bebars from Alexandria earned first place showing great agility on his small bike, which he maintained a sensible harmony with.

In the Quad Bike category, the bike gets four wheels instead of two. Despite its trickiness, participants tried to get the best tricks out of the bulky bikes. Astonishingly they did -- wheelie, stoppie, drifting, moving on two wheels, even standing on one wheel, you name it.

After an eye-boggling performance, Eslam Ahmed won the category.

Many riders improvised tricks like standing on the bike while cheering the fans or standing on one foot on the back of the bike and the other lifted in the air. Such stunts made the difference.

“It is good to see such great performances from a newborn sport in Egypt,” said Bakri. The experienced stunt biker advised his compatriots to plan a scenario for their show before entering the arena in order to improve their style.

The writer is a freelance journalist.

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