Friday,23 February, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1248, (28 May - 3 June 2015)
Friday,23 February, 2018
Issue 1248, (28 May - 3 June 2015)

Ahram Weekly


Compiled by Doaa El-Bey

Al-Ahram Weekly

1500 out of a total of 16,608 low-budget housing units were handed in by Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb to their owners. Mehleb described this project as the biggest housing project in the Middle East and the world that provides low-budget shelter units and a tangible symbol for the mechanism of achieving social justice. 

Minister of Justice Ahmed Al-Zend : The MB is gone, now for reform

Ahmed Al-Zend showed great strength facing the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and opposing their attempts to interfere in judicial matters.
Most of the judges supported Al-Zend in his battle against the MB. He repeatedly won the seat of the president of the Judges Club, which represents the Judges Syndicate. Thus he played the role of unofficial syndicate chief for years defending the rights of the judges.

Now that he has become Minister of Justice, he can no longer play that role... But it is high time to talk about reforming the judicial system. Mubarak’s 30-year rule affected all state institutions including the judiciary.

So are we going to hear from Judge Al-Zend a vision for reforming the justice system? And is he going to be as enthusiastic in this regard as he was in his fight against the MB?
Gamal Abdel-Gawad, Al-Watan

“By 29 June at the latest, the joint Arab army should be established, according to the Egyptian chief of staff in his address before the Arab chiefs of staff meeting this week in Cairo.” Al-Watan

The State of Health

“The Minister of Health emphatically stated that Egypt will be free of Virus C in eight years’ time. I want to make the point that this will not happen, it is not under the minister’s control. He may be able to treat the present patients given that he is Minister of Health, but he will be able to stop others contracting the disease from its source: potable water.”
Hazem Al-Hadidi, Al-Akhbar

“The water that is distributed in Jerkins in Sharqiya, without any supervision, is not fit for human consumption, according to a field study conducted by the Trade Chamber there. It is ‘distilled water’ suitable at best for car batteries.”
Al-Youm Al-Sabei

“Health, medical treatment and hospitals have been the most important and dangerous file in Egypt for years. Although the state and the Minister of Health are making an effort to improve hospitals and develop the performance of health institutions, they are far from dealing with the core of the problem.”
Ibn Al-Dawla, Al-Youm Al-Sabei

Black Terrorism in Qatif
“Saudi Arabia had managed to stay away from the developments that shook the region since the Iranian revolution four decades ago. Even when it took part in the Kuwait liberation war, it was within an international coalition. However, regional changes gained in speed and complication enough to bring it into the war against the Houthis in Yemen. In the framework of that scene came the blast in the Al-Qatif mosque, which aimed without any doubt to ignite sectarian war in Saudi. Thus as Egypt supported Saudi in its war in Yemen, it should support it in facing the black terrorism that is likely to grow in the future.”
Osama Al-Ghazali Harb, Al-Ahram

Open University Standards too Low?
“The Press Syndicate asked the Higher Universities Council to stop recognising Open University Mass Communication  degrees because of the low standards of graduates.”
Essam Al-Sebai, Al-Akhbar


“The regime dismissed a minister for believing that the son of a dustman should not be allowed in the judiciary, replacing him with one who thinks of the judges as masters and the rest of the people as slaves — well done!”
Ziad Akl

“Postponing official visits is a diplomatic norm that some states resort to when they feel something might spoil the visit. Twenty years ago, Rafsanjani adjourned a visit to France for six months when he found out that wine would be presented at his reception. I hope that Al-Sisi will postpone his visit to Germany until its government officially apologises for the statement of the parliament speaker.”
Yehia Tarraf


Louisa Loveluck @leloveluck  
Yesterday, ISIS loyalists hit Saudi with its most devastating strike to date — 21 dead in suicide blast at a mosque.

Ahmed Al Omran @ahmed  
Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi in November urged supporters in KSA to “draw their swords,” kill Shiites.

Under-Cover @SSGsniper  
Saudi is having the taste of its own recipe. Welcome to the Club, Baby!

Wael Abbas @waelabbas  
Is the Egyptian state using sexual torture against women? | Life and style | The Guardian. The answer is yes, Egypt uses sexual torture against women.

Egyptian Essence: 521tunnnels demolished

“The army spokesperson declared that the Armed Forces managed to demolish 521 tunnels connecting Sinai to Gaza in the last six months. The longest of these was 2.8 km.”








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