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Current issue | Issue 1250, (11 - 17 June 2015)
Sunday,23 September, 2018
Issue 1250, (11 - 17 June 2015)

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‘Fashion with Morin’

Mai Samih meets a little girl whose fashion and TV dreams are coming true

Al-Ahram Weekly

Morin started her career as a model working for Défelé Kids, a children’s fashion-show and exhibition company in Cairo, just two years ago. She’s now ten years old and is a fifth-year primary school student at the Amoun Shousha School in the Suez governorate,

Now she’s preparing for her own fashion programme, “Al-Moda m’a Morin” (Fashion with Morin), on the Al-Osra Al-Arabiya channel. The show will be broadcast every week at 9pm.

Morin is the first ten-year-old to host her own fashion programme in Egypt. It features everything related to children’s fashion and is hosted entirely by Morin, who was also nominated for the Oscar of Beauty Prize this year.

Morin explains how her career began. “Two years ago, my mother had a friend who posted on Facebook that she was going to organise a fashion show for kids in Suez, and that those parents who wanted their children to take part could send them to her office.”

“My mother asked me if I’d like to be a model, and I said I would try. So I took part in the fashion show in Suez and then I took part in another one organised by Défelé Kids in Cairo. Things took off from there.”

She will also be starting her international career soon. Says Morin, “I will participate in a fashion show in Jordan organised by Mahmoud Abou Shehata, the Ambassador of Arab Beauty, called ‘Fashion and Beauty’.”

As far as the TV programme is concerned, Morin says, “After a couple of fashion shows my mother had the idea of the programme and chose me to host it. My mother has always been there for me, helping me to choose my clothes and everything. I should also like to thank Melad Hamed, who is an Iraqi fashion designer, for all the help and support he has given me throughout my career.”

“The programme talks about everything related to fashion,” she adds. “It’s called ‘Fashion with Morin’ and the idea is to have a fashion programme especially for kids as there are already lots for adults.”

“This is the first time anyone has put together a fashion programme for kids. Since the chairman of the channel, Khaled Al-Daqm, liked the idea, I have started to host the programme.”

“During the first episode my first guests are Malak Hassan, theArab Ambassador of Tourism, Tolorance and Peace, Guirgis Seha, the make-up specialist for the Arab Beauty Queen. After that I intend to host models and a fashion designer in the coming episodes,” Morin says.

“I’d like everyone to watch the programme, not just kids. I’d like kids to watch, of course, as when they watch grown-ups will watch with them, and when they hear that these designs are on the market they will buy them for their children so everyone will wear lovely clothes,” she adds.

Morin says she was not nervous about being on TV. “I wasn’t scared because I have seen lots of cameras during the fashion shows I’ve taken part in, and I’ve been on air before so I am used to them,” she comments.

“If grown-up TV hosts talk about me and see that what I do is good, I will be happy. The presenter Ameena Shelbaya is my role model. In the future I intend to go on with my career as a model and a TV host. I would also like to act and to be a poet,” Morin adds, mentioning that she already enjoys reciting poetry.

But her study plans do not include fashion. “I’d like to study mathematics because it is my favourite subject, and I would like a university degree in this field,” Morin says. “I’ve been a model in the fashion industry for a long time, and so I already know all about it. I don’t need to study it,” she adds.

Morin has begun rehearsals for a film that aims to raise young people’s awareness about social issues. The film will be called Azmet Akhlak (The Crisis of Ethics).

She has some tips for other children who want to follow in her footsteps. “I don’t think anyone who wants to host a programme should start by hosting one. Instead, they should start by making advertisements first. That way they can gradually get used to the cameras,” she concludes.

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