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Current issue | Issue 1258, (13 - 19 August 2015)
Thursday,19 July, 2018
Issue 1258, (13 - 19 August 2015)

Ahram Weekly


Compiled by Doaa El-Bey

Al-Ahram Weekly

Kamel Al-Wazir: Mission accomplished

“You can do it”, “Come on”, “Egypt is counting on this achievement”: these were some of the phrases that Lieutenant General Kamel Al-Wazir patiently reiterated last year to encourage those working under him to complete the New Suez Canal in record time.

He was firm, but not hard on his team — who loved and respected him, and had no reason to fear him so long as they were working. They called him Leader of the Mighty.

For Al-Wazir, the head of the Armed Forces Engineering Department and the supervisor of the Suez Canal project, the inauguration of the canal was a genuine cause for celebration: A historic moment that embodied the political and popular will of Egyptians.

The most memorable moment for Al-Wazir, who had worked day and night for many months, was when the first ship crossed the new canal. “I couldn’t stop my tears when I witnessed that historic moment. I felt as if we had achieved victory after a long battle fought by Egypt and its mighty sons,” he said before the inauguration.

The accomplishment of the canal in time was only part of his job. Already work is underway to build the New Maritime City and six subways below the water.

Egyptian Cotton

The cotton-growing industry witnessed a U-turn this week that may have a negative effect on farmers. In the hope of boosting local production, the Agriculture Ministry banned cotton imports in July. However, days later, the cabinet abruptly vetoed the idea giving no reason beyond saying that this was in the context of “developing cotton farming and supporting its farmers”. Egypt grows a high-quality and extra long staple cotton, once known as “white gold”, but output has been shrinking for years.

“The heinous crime that took place in a mosque in Abha, leaving 15 brave members of Saudi security martyred and 12 injured reveals the horrible face of terrorism anew. Although it is the third crime targeting a mosque in Saudi Arabia, after incidents in Dammam and Qatif — the latter two aimed at Shia mosques — it proved the failure of the terrorists and those who belong to ISIS in their plan to cause internal Sunni-Shia strife.”
Mohamed Al-Waeel, Al-Nahar

No exaggeration, no understatement

“We deserved and needed the happiness generated by opening the New Suez Canal. Creating a positive public mood is important even with a small project, let alone a great achievement like this one. More importantly, we discovered ‘the recipe for success’. We can now achieve anything as long as we follow that recipe. The New Suez Canal is but a step on the one-thousand mile road. We managed to take the first step, now we can go on walking so long as we follow the same track.”
Sami Abdel-Aziz, Al-Watan

“To avoid exaggeration or understatement, it is not a canal and it is not new. Meanwhile it is no small pond or a bath tub. In fact, the new Suez Canal is a fourth tributary of the canal preceded by three others dug under Mubarak. The three other tributaries were opened quietly, without media hype or celebrations. Besides, one cannot call it a canal because it is only 35 km long, while the length of the original canal is 190 km.”
Suleiman Al-Hakim, Al-Masry Al-Youm

Rabaa story

“When the terrorist group failed to spoil the New Suez Canal celebration it declared a holy war on ‘the Egyptian enemy’. It resorted to lies regarding the anniversary of Rabaa, due on Friday. It placed clips on its websites entitled ‘The Rabaa Story’, through which it presented lies and fake reports of children who died at Rabaa, whereas, in fact, what were posted were pictures of children who died in Syria. However, it is good to record the crimes of the Muslim Brotherhood and remind the public of the terrorists who broke into Kerdasa police station and killed the officers in a gruesome not unlike that of ISIS — and of those who occupied Rabaa and tried to establish a state within the state.”
Karam Gabr, Al-Youm Al-Sabei

A difficult battle

“It is obvious that the battle Obama will fight to pass the Iran nuclear deal in Congress is not going to be easy. He may not be able to get the majority needed to pass the deal and consequently resort to using a veto to pass it without the consent of the majority of Congress.”
Makram Mohamed Ahmed, Al-Ahram

Egyptian Essence: 69 ships on the third day

“69 container ships crossed the Suez Canal, three days after opening the new tributary: 30 came from the Red Sea to the north through the passage and 39 from the Mediterranean to the south via the original canal.”


“In spite of all the exaggeration, I am convinced the Suez Canal is an achievement worth celebrating. However, I personally cannot celebrate until Yara, Sanaa, Alaa, Mahinour, Doma and the other youths are released from jail. I won’t celebrate before I see a decisive end to torture, and all measures taken to guarantee fair trial. I will not feel happy until we have retrieved the values of the revolution and its hope of freedom, social justice and human dignity in Egypt. For how can I feel happy when I do not have the freedom to be happy?”
Hani Shukrallah

“I just do not understand why so much of the foreign press seems to be hunting for negative news coming out of Egypt, belittling every piece of good news, as if we were not entitled to start healing and move forward. What’s wrong with you people? Only this week there was so much good news, the New Suez Canal opening after the project was finished on time an new projects announced to create a maritime city in Ismailia, Egyptian swimmers breaking their own and African records, the Egyptian Girls Squash and the Junior Basketball team becoming champions, and 50 medals for the differently abled. This is getting really tiresome! Find some other country to trash.”
Yasmin Amin


The Cairo Post @TheCairoPost  
World’s largest container ship Marstal Maersk crosses New #SuezCanal.

Bel Trew @Beltrew  
Twitter account linked to #ISIS in #Egypt-tweeted poll asking how they should kill Croatian hostage: knife, gun or “something else?” Awful.

The Miami Voice @themiamivoice  
After being sentenced to 6 months in jail, for burning a baby, Zionist terrorist laughs in court, America is silent.

Kenneth Roth @KenRoth  
To those who think that impunity will last forever for Syria’s war crimes, don’t count on it.

Luay @AL_Khatteeb  
Today, demos across #Iraq are all united with one flag and one spirit against corruption, mismanagement and terrorism.

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