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Current issue | Issue 1266, (15 - 21 October 2015)
Thursday,23 May, 2019
Issue 1266, (15 - 21 October 2015)

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Healthy dating

Let’s talk about better living! Our new interactive family corner aims to expand our lifestyle horizons with practical little pearls of wisdom from the editor and input from our readers

Falling in love is one of the most extraordinary feelings anyone can experience. It’s an all-consuming state of being that takes us to our highest highs and lowest lows. But dating isn’t an easy job, especially in the beginning stages.

It’s happened to most of us: we’re caught up with deciding what to wear, where to go, and what we should or shouldn’t do. Unfortunately, in the whirlwind of meeting the person of our dreams, a healthy lifestyle is probably the last thing on our minds. Sometimes we focus on the heart and lose sight of the waistline.

According to recent research, women who are dating put on an average of 15 pounds, and those living with a romantic partner gain 18 pounds. Men also have an increased risk of becoming obese when in a relationship, but not nearly as much as women.

When you really like someone, you might shed eating inhibitions and adopt different behaviours. You also might cut back on your usual workout time to spend time with your romantic partner.

But love doesn’t mean losing sight of your health. Follow these tips to enjoy falling in love without falling off your
healthy-living wagon.

Exercise before a date: It has been shown that we tend to eat less and store less fat when we have a rigorous workout before a meal. Before a date, exercise can also give you the added endorphins to feel fantastic and make you look your very best. Also consider exercising with your new partner — after all, couples that workout together stay together.

Plan active dates: Stick to your eating plan, eat before you leave for a date and plan dates that have activities as the focus. Instead of dining out and going to a movie, try walking, visiting a museum, going to the gym or sitting together and thinking of more creative ideas to burn some calories and get to know your loved one better.

Watch your portions: When you’re going on a date, it’s easy to get wrapped up in conversation and not notice how much you’re eating. You might even order foods you normally wouldn’t choose, such as heavy appetizers, decadent desserts or delicious ice cream. So instead of saying no to certain foods, think small and order healthy foods whenever possible, and remember to listen to your hunger signals.

Choose wisely: Dating often revolves around food and drink. This can easily mean consuming hundreds of calories without even feeling full or being out for very long. Be just as careful about what you sip and go for low-calorie options such as sparkling water or black coffee. You can consume your calories with a few bites of dessert rather than drink them. But if your date has been dying to try a famous restaurant for dinner, remember that steamed, broiled or grilled items are usually healthier than fried, sautéed or baked-in-cheese-sauce ones. Look for lean cuts of meat, dressings on the side and avoid the bread basket.

Don’t forget me time: When you’re falling in love and are consumed by a new relationship, keep in mind to give yourself some “me” time. Whether it’s hitting the gym, going to an exercise class, heading out for a walk or doing yoga at home, take at least a few minutes of every day to do something good for yourself.

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