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Monday,20 August, 2018
Issue 1267, (22 - 28 October 2015)

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Entre Nous: Wash your face correctly

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Washing your face seems pretty simple, right? You’ve been doing it your whole life, but you could be doing it all wrong. Believe me, there’s more to a good face wash than you might think.

The issue is that you can cause more harm than good if you don’t do it the right way, and can result in some pretty significant issues, like dryness, irritation and premature sagging and wrinkles.

Check out the biggest cleansing misconceptions and take a second look at your routine by following the tips below.

Choose the right cleanser: Depending on your skin type, you need to pick a pH-balanced cleanser that’s right for your face. Opt for a mild, moisturising cleanser that removes oil and residue without leaving your skin dry, tight or flaky.

Make sure your hands are clean: Wash your hands thoroughly before you begin washing your face. You don’t want all the bacteria from your hands to transfer over.

Use the right temperature: Rinsing your face with cool water to close your pores is a myth. Water that is too hot or too cold will only shock and irritate skin, causing broken capillaries.

Don’t be so direct: Never apply cleanser without moistening your face first. Most cleansers are harsh and need to be diluted with water. Use one pump of product and lather the cleanser with your fingertips. Then apply using a gentle, circular motion to loosen dirt.

Rinse and repeat: Residual products will dry out your skin and clog pores. Keep rinsing until all the cleanser is removed from your skin. Don’t forget to rinse your hairline, neck and the sides of your nose. These are places often missed and can lead to skin irritation.

Avoid exfoliating too much: Acids and buffing agents are meant to smooth skin by removing dead skin cells. But exfoliating too often can strip and dry out the new layer. Over time this will weaken the skin’s natural barrier.

Ditch your washcloth: Your fingertips are always best. But if you must use a washcloth, make sure it is clean and never rub. The skin on your face is delicate and rubbing too harshly with a towel can lead to abrasion and wrinkles.

Lock in moisture: To seal in the moisture balance, apply a moisturiser while your skin is still damp.

Don’t overdo it: Washing your face two to three times a day is healthy, but cleansing too much will disrupt natural barrier functions and could make conditions like acne and rosacea worse.

Makeup removal is a must: You’re suffocating your skin if you don’t remove makeup. This has been said time and again: the removal of makeup is not a choice but a necessity. You have to let your skin breathe, and it simply can’t do so under a clump of makeup.

Facial wipes: They are useful but too much facial wiping can ruin the delicate layers of the skin and leave your raw skin exposed to harsh pollution and the sun. Experts suggest that you shouldn’t use facial wipes more than twice a day. If you feel the need to use them more often, wash your face with water and a good face wash instead.
A good night’s rest: Never go to sleep without a proper facial cleanse. Unclean skin left overnight could result in redness and scaling.

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