Sunday,22 July, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1267, (22 - 28 October 2015)
Sunday,22 July, 2018
Issue 1267, (22 - 28 October 2015)

Ahram Weekly

Mask marvel

Al-Ahram Weekly

ON THE SECOND floor of the Egyptian Museum, Egyptian and foreign journalists and photographers flocked to Room 55 to catch a glimpse of the restoration work being carried out on Tutankhamen’s funerary mask.

Restoration work on the mask began two weeks ago. Restorers hope to correct a botched job carried out a year ago to re-attach the beard to the mask’s chin.

The priceless object is resting in peace in Room 55, encased in rigid foam on a wooden table and surrounded by five restorers. Their mission is to determine the best method to return the mask back to its original appearance.

“It is really a very critical work,” German restorer Christian Echmann, who is leading the restoration work, told Al-Ahram Weekly. Echmann explained that the team is now carrying out a comprehensive, microscopic study of the mask.

The restorers need to not only decide the best method to remove the epoxy used in the earlier restoration but to identify the different materials used by ancient Egyptians to create the work of art, as well as inspecting its current condition.

Depending on the results of the study, Eckmann said the best material to restore the beard to its original position will be selected from the various suggested materials used to restore metal objects. The study is expected to be completed by next week and restoration work will begin immediately.

“Until now I cannot determine a specific time for the completion of the work but it could last for 30 days,” Eckmann told the Weekly, adding that the safe removal of the epoxy residue will take some time.

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