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Current issue | Issue 1269, (5 - 11 November 2015)
Tuesday,18 September, 2018
Issue 1269, (5 - 11 November 2015)

Ahram Weekly

A movable feast

With a picture of the late Faten Hamama on its logo, the 37th Cairo International Film Festival opens next Wednesday at the Cairo Opera House. Over nine days (11-20 November), the festival showcases a range of films in six sections: the International Competition, Special Screenings, Festival of Festivals, Classic Film Restored, Spotlight on Japanese Animated Movi

Al-Ahram Weekly

*Ricki and the Flash (USA, 101min, Jonathan Demme). An ageing rock musician (Meryl Streep) gave up everything for her rocker’s dreams. Now she has heard from her former husband that her estranged daughter is in trouble, she must make the journey back to reconnect (Opening Film).

*In Your Arms (Denmark, 88min, Samanou Acheche Sahlstrøm). Maria, a 35-year-old nurse at an old people’s home, saves Niels (who is dying of a slowly paralysing condition) after his attempted suicide – only to end up helping him find his way to a Swiss euthanasia clinic, where she accompanies him for a final farewell (International Competition).

The film won the Best Nordic Film Dragon Award and the FIPRESCI award at the Göteborg Film Festival in 2015. It was nominated for the Hamburg Producers Award at the Hamburg Film Festival and the International Competition Award at the Mumbai Film Festival.

*Madonna (South Korea, 121min, Su-won Shin). Incidents come together as a nurse interferes to stop a heart transplant from a pregnant street girl to an ailing tycoon (International Competition).

The film was nominated for the Un Certain Regard Award at the Cannes Festival and the Grand Prix Award at the Ghent International Film Festival in 2015.

*Silent Heart (Denmark, 97min, Bille August). A big family of three generations gather for a weekend imitating Christmas a few months prior to the actual holiday for the benefit of the sick matriarch who earlier convinced her family of euthanasia to cut short her agony (Special Screenings).

The film won the Best Film, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress and Best Screenplay at the Bodil Film Festival and the Silver Seashell at San Sebastián International Film Festival. It was nominated for the Nordic Council’s Film Prize in 2015.

*Hungry Hearts (Italy, 109min, Saverio Costanzo). A couple meets in the tiny basement bathroom of a Chinese restaurant in New York, and their relationship develops rapidly. Before long Mina and Jude are married, but the child they’re expecting turns out to be abnormal (Special Screenings).

The film received the UNICEF Cinema Award and the Pasinetti Award for Best Actress. It was nominated for the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival in 2014, and won the FIPRESCI Award at the Stockholm Film Festival in 2014.

*Dheepan (France, 109min, Jacques Audiard). Dheepan is a Sri Lankan Tamil Tiger who escapes to France in the late 1980s to become an acclaimed novelist (Special Screenings).

The film received the Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival in 2015 and was nominated for the Best Film EuroCinema Hawaii Award at the Hawaii International Film Festival.

*Our Little Sister (Japan, 128min, Hirokazu Koreeda). Sachi, Yoshino and Chika are three sisters living in their late grandmother’s ancestral home in Kamakura, and expecting the arrival of their 13-year-old half sister (Special Screenings).

The film was nominated to the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Festival and received the Audience Award at San Sebastián International Film Festival.

*14+ (Russia, 102min, Andrei Zaitsev). Alex is an innocent, inexperienced teenager who hides his affection from the girl he loves before he embarks the journey of adulthood (Festival of Festivals).

The film received the Diploma Award and was nominated for the Grand Prize at Sochi Open Russian Film Festival and the Crystal Bear at Berlin International Film Festival.

*Tandem (Philippines, 83min, King Palisoc). Roman and Rex are brothers and partners in robbery on the streets of Manila, making use of the chaos of the city. They plan for a robbery at a local construction site but are forced to go another way (Festival of Festivals).

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