Thursday,20 September, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1135, 14 - 20 February
Thursday,20 September, 2018
Issue 1135, 14 - 20 February

Ahram Weekly


Al-Ahram Weekly

Sexual terrorism

IN A MOVEMENT called “Global protest against sexual terrorism practiced against Egyptian female protesters”, Egyptians and supporters of the cause gathered in front of the nearest Egyptian embassy in their city or country on Tuesday at 6pm local time of each country.

A statement issued on Facebook regarding said, “We, citizens of all nationalities all around the world, will not watch in silence the spreading epidemic of sexual terrorism. We want to show our support, solidarity and admiration for the assaulted who paid the price of the ongoing Egyptian revolution with their own flesh, and to the heroic volunteers who are risking their lives for a safe Tahrir.”

The statement held the ruling party responsible for not taking strict measures to prevent organised thugs “from attacking, stripping, raping, injuring and killing peaceful protesters”. It also held the Egyptian police and governmental institutions responsible “for not offering the necessary protection and safety to female Egyptian citizens. Not only that, but the police itself practices the crime of sexual harassment/assault.” The statement also considered the “irresponsible media accountable for focusing on personal, intimate and sensationalist details of the assaulted, instead of covering the criminal act in a professional and ethical manner.”

It concluded by urging every revolutionary group, political party or individual “to speak up and take immediate action against both the sexual attacks committed by organised mobs aiming to tarnish the image of Tahrir and terrorise the protesters, and the sexual harassment targeting Egyptian women and girls on a daily basis in the streets of their own country.”

Efforts to resolve Syria

FOREIGN Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr met Syrian Prime Minister Riad Hegab who recently defected, to discuss the latest developments in Syria and the difficult situation under which the Syrian people are living.

The ministry spokesman stated that the two officials talked about ways of ending the suffering of the Syrians and find a way to realise their aspirations for freedom, dignity and change in Syria following an initiative proposed by the head of the Syrian national coalition for the opposition Moez Al-Khatib.

Amr also met UN and Arab League envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi. The two officials discussed regional and international efforts to reach the desired political settlement that meets the legal aspirations of the Syrians.


Still has immunity

THE PROSECUTOR-general’s office has denied reports that the Egyptian Public Fund Prosecution has requested the prosecutor-general to remove immunity from Judge Ahmed Al-Zend in order to investigate charges filed against him.

Earlier, news was published on the state-run news agency MENA, and in Al-Ahram newspaper that Al-Zend, chairman of the Judges Club, is accused of allegedly seizing over 180 acres of land in the Hammam area in the Mediterranean coastal city of Marsa Matrouh. The land is said to have been originally owned by a group of residents of the area. Hours after MENA published the request to removing Al-Zend’s immunity, the office of the prosecution-general rebuffed the claim.

A judge or prosecutor-general is granted immunity so that no criminal action or investigation can be brought against him, according to Egyptian law, unless special permission is granted by the Supreme Judicial Council.

Al-Zend, considered a Mubarak loyalist, had been calling for the removal of Talaat Abdallah, the prosecutor-general appointed by President Mohamed Morsi, declaring the appointment to be illegitimate since no judicial decision can be made outside of the judiciary.

Official spokesman of the Judges Club and Vice President of the Court of Cassation Mahmoud Helmi Al-Sherif told Al-Ahram that the club welcomes the investigation into Al-Zend “only if the intention is to reveal the truth to the public and society” about the allegations, but added that the club and Egypt’s judicial community would take “a strong, unified position” against any attempt to conduct character assassinations of its prominent figures.


No vote

THE ADMINISTRATIVE Court on Sunday stopped the electoral process held at the Press Syndicate in preparation for a new board next month. A group of journalists filed a lawsuit demanding that the elections are stopped, claiming the decision to hold mid-term elections is illegal as it disrupts the current board’s mandate, due to expire in October 2013.

The syndicate board’s elections were scheduled to be held in March.

Diaa Rashwan, director of the Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies, and Abdel-Mohsen Salama, managing editor of Al-Ahram, were the most prominent contenders for the chairman post. Five syndicate members applied for the chairman post, reported state-run Al-Ahram.

The current chairman of the Press Syndicate, Mamdouh Al-Wali, announced last week that he will not run for in the elections, citing his position as chairman of the board of directors of Al-Ahram newspaper. He added, “the unnatural atmosphere at the syndicate” dissuaded him from running.


Saving Egypt

AL-GAMAA Al-Islamiya and its political party, Building and Development, are mobilising for the “Save Egypt together against violence”, a million-man march to be held on Friday 15 February in front of Cairo University.

Building and Development called on national and Islamic forces as well as revolutionary movements to participate in the march raising the slogan, “No to violence, no for blocking the road, no for disrupting the metro, no for thugs and black masks” and “Yes” to peaceful demonstration.

A statement issued by the party on Monday announced the demands of the demonstration: “A commitment by all political forces and revolutionary youths and the completion of the goals of the revolution through peaceful means and to stand resolutely against political violence. In addition, all the parties should respect the choices of the Egyptian people and that the change ought to be only through the ballot box.”

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