Monday,20 August, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1272, (26 November - 2 December 2015)
Monday,20 August, 2018
Issue 1272, (26 November - 2 December 2015)

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Entre Nous: De-clutter your workspace

Let’s talk about better living! Our new interactive family corner aims to expand our lifestyle horizons with practical little pearls of wisdom from the editor and input from our readers

Cluttered desks can really influence the way you work. Working in a messy or distracting environment will affect your productivity in a negative way and make it harder for you to get things done. It will also influence perceptions of your professionalism.

A well-organised office provides a feeling of control and competence, which leads to higher levels of productivity and reduces distractions.

Don’t let a messy workplace impede your ability to get your work done.

Follow these tips to keep your desk clean and organised.

* Learn to recognise what’s “good enough.” Aiming for perfection can be a huge detriment to productivity. If something wasn’t wasting your time in the first place, it probably doesn’t need reorganisation. You may waste as much time as you’re trying to save by reorganising.

* Clean your desk before leaving work. Take a few minutes before you leave work at the end of the day to clear your desk. When you walk into the office the next day you will be able to find what you need and can get down to work right away.

* Give everything a home. All the stuff on top of your desk and in the drawers should have a home where it stays when it is not being used. If things don’t have a home, your desk becomes a home for them.

* Have a rubbish bin within reach. Make sure you can easily and quickly reach it from your chair.

* Enlarge your workspace. The best trick to increase your storage space is to think vertically. Use every inch of space you have to your advantage.

* Minimise incoming paper. Eliminate unnecessary subscriptions and reduce the number of paper reports and memos. If you truly need a hard copy, make sure you have a filing system to put it where you will know where to locate it.

* Take a snapshot. If you have items on your desk for reference, or a battery or ink cartridge that you need to replace, snap a photo with your smart phone of these items instead of leaving them on your desk. You will be more likely to have your phone with you when you need to reference the items later.
* Arrange your cables. Organising the mess of cables under and on top of your desk is a never-ending battle. If ordinary cable-management tools fail, and hiding them isn’t an option, you can creatively display your cables.

* Organise your desk drawers by importance. Place stuff you use most often in the closest drawer. Everything else should go in drawers further away.

* Designate a physical inbox. Though many people have email inboxes, they no longer have a physical one on their desks. You need one place for incoming papers to reside; otherwise, they will get mixed in with older documents on your desk.

* Re-evaluate your stuff. Get rid of unnecessary clutter. It only exists because we think everything’s important. You should evaluate what you actually need on your desk and decide what can go. Unless something serves a purpose, get it off your work surface!

* Schedule a regular cleaning time. Avoid compounding your organisational problems by scheduling a designated time each day for cleaning.

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