Sunday,19 August, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1136, 21 - 27 February 2013
Sunday,19 August, 2018
Issue 1136, 21 - 27 February 2013

Ahram Weekly

Entre Nous: New uses for old things

Let’s talk about better living! Our new interactive family corner aims to expand our lifestyle horizons with practical little pearls of wisdom from the editor and input from our readers.

Al-Ahram Weekly

Most people have heaps of antiquated items and beat-up belongings from years past just lying around the house that they are either too busy or too lazy to deal with. Well, fortunately, I found the following creative ideas to recycle and reuse and some of our old things:

- Reuse your old frame as a vanity tray. Place a piece of coloured paper or fabric inside as a finishing touch.

- Use shower-curtain hooks as bag holders in your closet.

- Turn your old tennis rackets into mirrors.

- Use plastic straws as stem extenders by inserting short flower stems into straws to give them greater stature.

- Use an old hanging shoe rack to organise your pantry.

- Use an old paper tower holder as a ribbon holder.

- Repurpose your old CD holder into a bagel storage device.

- Save a countertop with an old mouse pad turned trivet. (Make sure it has a non-plastic coating).

- Suck up dirty water in a flower vase, without disturbing your arrangement, by using a turkey baster. Add fresh water directly from the tap.

- Turn old bulletin boards into a jewellery organiser.

- Give plastic Easter eggs year-round use by filling them with snacks like crackers.

- Use old Lego pieces as a key holder.

- Use the clear hair elastic binds for a better arrangement in a wide-mouth vase. Stretch the elastic around the stems, then let the flowers fall naturally.

- An unused eyeglasses case makes a convenient storage spot for nail files, clippers and other manicure essentials.

- Repurpose an old suitcase into a medicine cabinet.

- Turn an old door into a frame for a standing mirror.

- Old shower caps become perfect wrappers for shoes when travelling and prevent them from dirtying clothes packed in your suitcase.

- Tuck a few needles, pins and thread into a matchbox for an instant sewing kit.


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