Thursday,23 May, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1285, (3 - 9 March 2016)
Thursday,23 May, 2019
Issue 1285, (3 - 9 March 2016)

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Battle of the Titans

Al-Ahram Weekly

It is nothing less than the most spectacular event of the season… no less than the mythological battle of the legendary Titans.

We are comfortably seated by our TV, anticipating the historic event of the season, the year, even the millennium. This is the clash of the Titans… the mightiest of the mighty. The American campaign for the presidency between the Democratic and the Republican parties which happens every four years, is equivalent to the Olympics of our political world.

The US has had a Democratic President for two terms now, and they are anxious for a change. “Why, did it not go well?” It was atrocious and he will leave a big bad mess behind at the end of his term. “Well then, let us view the presidency game.”

There are two teams; the Democrats and the Republicans. The origin of the teams goes back many years.  The oldest is the Democratic Party which played an honourable and vital role in the history of the U.S. since 1828.  “What is wrong with the present one?”  Many changes have taken place with the flow of history. The Democrats gave the country great presidents who have successfully overseen two world wars, but has undergone many changes since. ‘Oh! How?” It was originally backed by the ‘Farmer’s and Labourers’ and then the minorities were added who naturally increased the volume of the vote.    Eleven million illegal aliens are allowed to drive, receive financial aid, food stamps, health care and education… “But that does not sound right. What country would allow that?”  None! That is why Americans are trying to stop the endless flow of illegal aliens. Why did the president allow that? He has allowed a great deal worse.

His failed domestic policy is only a fraction of his disastrous foreign policy worldwide.  It has shattered the Arab nations, and we are still suffering from his folly… “Will the elections change that?”  Maybe, if they choose a candidate who opposes his policies, and mends his wrongdoings. 

“Who is that harsh-looking woman with the shrill voice, is she acting?”      No, just phony, following in the footsteps of the man she wishes to replace. “OOOH that is bad news! How about that other guy… I can not understand a word he says.” That is because he was born and raised in Brooklyn, then attended the University of Chicago and finally settled in Vermont.  That is Bernie Sanders, congressman from Vermont and an admitted socialist.

“In capitalist America?” To win the majority of votes, promise the moon and the sky. “So they offer them lies?” Exactly!  “Is that why they are represented by a donkey?” Oh no, that’s funny.  The symbol of the donkey was initiated by President Andrew Jackson, after his opponent called him a “jackass”. Cartoonist Thomas Nast seized upon it and it stuck.

This is not entertaining at all. Let us switch to the Republicans… that is the party of Lincoln is it not? He abolished slavery and surprisingly, the black citizens show no gratitude, and are mostly Democrats. 

 They give more free gifts! 

“Let us switch to the Republicans… maybe it will be more entertaining. Maybe they will discuss policy, government, law, education, security, jobs, taxes, fiscal policies… After all this is why they are called the G.O.P. meaning the Grand Old Party, represented by an elephant, the largest animal on earth.  “But how  about the whale?” That is in the sea, see!

The Republican Party has also greatly influenced the nation. They favoured a more conservative fiscal policy and were backed by bankers and businessmen. However they too have moved far to the right of their original principles. “So one is extremely liberal and the other extremely conservative.” You got it. But Republicans are also shouting and gesticulating. “Look, they are attacking each other… I thought they were the elitists!” Elitists! They do not exist anymore.

Today, politics is a dirty game and a dirty world.

“I don’t like this at all.  I am astonished.  I have always been enamoured by the American Constitution, the most beautifully written piece of human thought in history. “We the people… How wonderful is that!    Or their  Declaration of Independence… I know it by heart: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Well they are far from these poignant and compassionate words now.   “I was expecting to listen to some profound ideas about reform, religion, research, human rights, education, health, ideas that would be the state of the whole human race, just like their founding fathers did. I wonder what they must be thinking of their descendents!”

So how is it going to end?   

However it ends it should be better than what they have now… a fickle, detached, arrogant. Hypocrite, who disregards his constitution laws while he himself taught such courses as a senior lecturer and not professor at the University of Chicago. 

Unless the blacks, Jews, Latinos, Asians etc vote again for that shrieking woman, to continue Obama’s dismal legacy, the world will be in big trouble.

“That’s such a shame. I wished they would follow their constitution… which is perfect for the whole human race. I don’t want to watch this cheap circus anymore.”

We have  to follow it. This is the greatest country in the world.

“What?  You must be joking!”


  “In politics stupidity is not a handicap”

             Napoleon Buonaparte  (1769-1821)             

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