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Current issue | Issue 1286, (10 - 16 March 2016)
Wednesday,18 July, 2018
Issue 1286, (10 - 16 March 2016)

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A new sports campaign wants people to show good manners, reports Mohamed Abdel-Razek

Al-Ahram Weekly

As part of the campaign called Akhlaquna, (Our Manners), which started 1 February and ends 29 April, and is sponsored by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, a sports day was held on Saturday 20 February in the Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule School (DEO).

The campaign, which seeks to bring back politeness to the Egyptian community, decided to bring together adults and children from varying backgrounds and abilities. Among the gathering was Egypt’s national football team whose players are blind, and as guests of honour, former football stars Ahmed Hassan, Hisham Hanafi and Mohamed Omara.

The day started at 11am with sports activities kicking off to spread special vibes all over the school. A football tournament had four teams, including those of the blind, orphans, street children and the DEO. The tournament aimed at bringing people from all walks of life together, killing the fear that may prevent them from leading a normal life and becoming a building block in society.

The youth members of Akhlaaquna made sure to blend their target of spreading good manners in the community with the sports activities they provided that day. Creatively, the children formed teams in search of people to show how well behaved they can be. They then celebrated with them, awarding them a scarf with the words ‘Manners Ambassador’.

Another creative game was for the audience to pick a folded piece of paper from a bowl with a good deed hidden in each one. Volunteers got to do the good deed and expressed what they felt on paper, then hung their writings on a rope to inspire others. Tele-matches also were on from the beginning of the day till the end for all kids to play together without any barriers or discrimination.

Yet again sports successfully acted as the easiest route back towards the true essence of humanity and peace. With many campaigns such as Akhlaquna and long-term programmes that involve sports and human development, Egyptian society will hopefully get the message.

Said Hassan, who holds the world record for international football caps: “People should feel the suffering of others and try to help them or at least try not to push them down.”

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