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Current issue | Issue 1287, (17 - 23 March 2016)
Wednesday,19 September, 2018
Issue 1287, (17 - 23 March 2016)

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Entre Nous: The runway look

Let’s talk about better living! Our interactive family corner aims to expand our lifestyle horizons with practical little pearls of wisdom from the editor and input from our readers

Want to make your waist look smaller, like those of runway models? Well, you’re not alone: up to half of the world’s population is looking for a solution that seems nowhere to be found.

Though a small waist is part of the beauty standards of our times, there’s no permanent solution to getting the desired effect aside from eating healthy food and keeping your body in good shape.

You should also learn to love your body, as we are all unique. However, here are some short-term solutions to help you make your waist look smaller:

Play with prints: Avoid small prints and large polka dots. Never wear horizontal stripes as they will make you look fuller. Pick vertical ones or make sure your shirt is an exception and counter-affects your figure in some miraculous way.

Wear accessories: Some accessories like wide belts can do the same trick as a fitted blazer. You can wear a wide belt over anything, even a cardigan. Also, invest in brightly coloured jewellery, scarves or handbags to put your waist area behind the scenes and instead draw attention to the accessories.

Colour-coding: Light colours will make you appear bigger than you actually are. Dark colours will make you look smaller. So make sure the colour of your waist area is darker than the rest of your figure. Wearing a monochrome dark-coloured dress or separates is the best way to show off a small waist. If your top and bottom are in different colours, make sure the top is darker. You can also wear dresses with black cutouts around the waist area, and especially on the sides, to help you look slimmer.

Wear high-waisted bottoms: Go for a nice pair of high-waisted jeans. Pick firm fabrics that look structured on your body. The same thing goes for fitted, high-waisted shorts and skirts.

Avoid oversized clothes: Oversized clothing like sweaters, T-shirts, baggy buttoned shirts and, most importantly, ponchos won’t make your waist look smaller, but they will definitely conceal the problem. If you wear them, the rule is to accentuate your legs by wearing skinny jeans, black leggings or high heels.

Silhouettes: Forget traditional waistlines — go instead for higher or lower waistlines to alter your silhouette. Fitted blazers are perfectly structured in the shoulder and hip areas, thus making your waist appear smaller in comparison.

Opt for wrap dresses: Due to its V-cut, a wrap dress will make you look thinner, no matter where your issue of insecurity is located. Thanks to the wrap, your shoulders get more exposure and the belt sets a clear border before your waist starts. Some dresses might differ in design, depending on the fabric used.

Wear high heels: Visually, your height will compensate for your waist. When you step up on high heels, your body looks leaner, your legs look more elongated and your waist looks smaller. Many muscles of your body are working while you stand or walk in heels. Flats, on the other hand, will make your body look shorter and your waist look fuller. For best results, wear skin-tone heels. The closer the colour is to your skin tone, the more the heels will make you look taller.

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