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Current issue | Issue 1137, 28 February - 6 March 2013
Sunday,23 September, 2018
Issue 1137, 28 February - 6 March 2013

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Entre Nous: Dieting dos and don’ts

Let’s talk about better living! Our new interactive family corner aims to expand our lifestyle horizons with practical little pearls of wisdom from the editor and input from our readers.

I lost track of the number of times I’ve surfed the Internet in search of simple diet tips to shed those extra pounds by the weekend without looking run down. Here are some of the best and easiest lifestyle tips offered by prominent nutritionists that will help you trim down and look great.

Don’t deprive yourself: Enjoy the foods you love in moderation. No single food makes you gain weight; the portions are what matter.

Eat until you feel satisfied, not full: We all know that a polite lady should put down her fork between every bite, a technique that also helps you realise when to stop eating before you feel bloated.

Make sure half of your plate contains veggies: Vegetables are filled with fibre and water, so they fill you up without filling you out.

Enjoy a salad or soup to start the meal when you dine out: Both fill you up with low calories and leave less room for the main course.

Leave 1/4 of your food on your plate when dining out.

Don’t drink your calories: Aim for eight to 10 glasses of water a day; add lemon for a flavour and vitamin boost. Stick to water to keep you hydrated and save the calories for a treat later on.

Make sure your intake isn’t top heavy: Don’t restrict yourself all day and then break down at night. If you eat more substantially during the day, the nighttime grazing will taper.

Don’t eat in front of the TV: If you are hungry, reach for fibre-rich snacks that fill you up on less calories, such as popcorn and fruit.

Have a small snack before going to a party: Try a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit so that you don’t show up starving.

Carry snacks: This way, you’ll always be prepared when hunger hits. Temptation is strong when you are hungry and faced with poor choices.

Be a part-time vegetarian: Give your body a break from animal protein and mix things up if you can.

Always choose whole grains and avoid the white stuff: This way, you don’t have to cut out carbs entirely. Whole grains keep you full longer, maintain your blood sugar levels and provide you with vitamins and minerals. White flour quickly converts to sugar in your body and, if you don’t burn it up, you will store it as fat.

Eat breakfast: Breakfast gets your metabolism working and prevents you from eating most of your calories at night.

Be active for at least three hours each week: Wake up an hour earlier to hit the gym, go for a walk after dinner, hop off the bus or subway a few stops early or park your car farther than you normally would.

Exercise isn’t everything: Going to the gym does not mean you can reward yourself with a huge dessert later on. Eating well, not exercise, determines whether you will gain or lose weight.

Try to avoid snacks for dinner: Hummus, crackers, yoghurt, etc. often add up to more calories than a balanced dinner.

No eating after dinner: Calories give us energy. We don’t need energy to sleep.

Stay away from artificial sweeteners: Artificial sweeteners increase cravings and lead to bloating and fatigue. Go for one teaspoon of raw sugar, honey or maple syrup. One teaspoon is only 16 calories.


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