Friday,21 September, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1300, (16 - 22 June 2016)
Friday,21 September, 2018
Issue 1300, (16 - 22 June 2016)

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Tomorrow, Egypt will host its first modern pentathlon Masters event at the Royal Sporting Club in New Cairo, reports Inas Mazhar

Al-Ahram Weekly

“We are Masters of Modern Pentathlon in Egypt” is a new development initiative by Shereen Saleh, board member of the Egyptian Modern Pentathlon Federation (EMPF).

It is the first Egyptian-wide network of clubs affiliated to the Union of International Modern Pentathon (UIPM) Masters.

“It aims to promote the modern pentathlon as a sport and fitness in those 30 years of age and above, regardless of ability. The Masters gives good inspiration for all people to get going… it’s never too late to start,” says Saleh, also a member of the Women and Sport Committee at the Egyptian Olympic Committee.

“With Flashback Masters Pentathletes Club, you can be involved with training programmes, friendly competition, social activities, relaxation, improved aerobic fitness and motivation to exercise.”

Saleh also explains why mastering the modern pentathlon is good for anyone. “The modern pentathlon is an exciting multi-discipline sport, allowing you to challenge yourself while experiencing the exciting disciplines that make up the event. There are so many ways to get involved.

“We encourage competitors of all ages from eight to 80 and abilities to participate and most of all to have fun. Many of our athletes and members come from a running or swimming background and others participate in a combination of the individual sports, including the triathlon (run, swim, shoot) and tetrathlon (run, swim, shoot, ride).

“It is very rare that an athlete comes to the pentathlon with competence in all five sports, which is very encouraging to the new member because at every competition there will always be someone trying something for the first time.

“We can proudly boast of the warm welcome and helpful, friendly advice given by our existing members towards newcomers. At every opportunity, the name of the game is to have a go.”

Saleh, a former national and international modern pentathlon champion, launched the one-day event herself, organising and funding it as well. She also designed the logo and medals of the event.

“Though there are medals, it is not a real competition that has points like normal championships. It is a fun event. Our message for the event is to tell people that sports is a lifestyle and show them how to master it through the different disciplines of the modern pentathlon.

“Our competitions are very friendly and a great deal of fun. There are medals and certificates to be won. The greatest thrill can be gained by participating and improving your records,” Saleh added

According to the master pentathletes website, modern pentathlon’s wide-ranging challenge saw it voted into the top 10 of Forbes magazine’s list of the healthiest sports as thousands of calories can be burned in a day’s competition.

Fencing is great for all-round fitness, muscle toning, building core strength, coordination and balance. Due to the need for lightning fast decisions, it is also excellent for concentration and focus.

An hour’s riding burns about 120 calories at walking pace, 360 calories at trotting pace and 480 at galloping pace. Although it may seem that the horse is receiving all the exercise, this equates to the calories lost in a 30-minute jog or cycle ride carried out at a similar speed.

Strength, stamina, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills are improved in the shoot. Running helps lower blood pressure through strengthening the heart, builds stamina, burns extra calories, improves bone density and tones muscles.

Swimming aides the healthy functioning of the heart, lungs and circulatory systems. It works all the muscles in the body due to the effort of staying afloat in water.

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