Saturday,24 March, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1301, (23 - 29 June 2016)
Saturday,24 March, 2018
Issue 1301, (23 - 29 June 2016)

Ahram Weekly

Sufra Dayma: Meatballs with yoghurt, tehine and labneh salad

Serves 4-6


500 gm minced lamb or beef
1 onion (very finely chopped)
1 tsp minced garlic
1/4 cup bulgur (washed, soaked, drained)
100 ml  buttermilk (rayeb)
1 egg (lightly beaten)
Flour to coat
2 tbsp parsley (leaves only, chopped)
1/4 cup roasted pine nuts (to sprinkle)
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp each: salt, pepper, 7 spices, cinnamon, ground coriander, ground cumin, crushed thyme, crushed mint
Oil for frying

Salad Dip or Dressing:
1 measuring cup yoghurt
1/4 cup buttermilk (rayeb)
2 tbsp labneh
2 tbsp administered, seasoned, light tehine dip
1/2 tsp minced garlic
1 cup tiny bits of cucumber
2 tsp fresh mint leaves (finely chopped)
Salt to taste

Heat a large pan or skillet on high.  Add olive oil.  Lower heat to medium.  Add chopped onion.  Stir until translucent.  Add garlic, green herbs and all seasoning.  Stir until fragrant.  Remove from heat and scrape into a large glass bowl or into any other non-reacting container.  Allow to cool off and reach room temperature.  Meanwhile, wash bulgur well under running tap water; until waters come down clear.  Strain and drain very well by squeezing in batches between the palm of hands.  Combine bulgur with buttermilk.  Mix well and leave aside.  When onion mixture cools off; add to it minced meat, egg, combined bulgur and buttermilk.  Blend and mix by hand until mixture ingredients are well combined and integrated.  Refrigerate for at least two hours or even better for overnight.  Form into 2-inch meatballs; oval or round.  Roll them in flour to coat all sides; shaking excess.  Pour around half an inch of frying oil (your choice), into a medium frying pan or skillet.  Fry meatballs in batches of one layer, over medium-high heat; turning them gently, to slightly brown on both sides.  Remove on kitchen paper towels. For the salad:  Mix all ingredients together.  Pour into a serving bowl.  Serve meatballs individually over a bed of the salad, with the pine nuts scattered on top, or by stuffing them into pocket sandwiches of either pita or baladi bread.  Drizzle the salad on top, then scatter some pine nuts over the salad and serve.

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