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Current issue | Issue 1302, (30 June - 13 July 2016)
Tuesday,21 August, 2018
Issue 1302, (30 June - 13 July 2016)

Ahram Weekly


Compiled by Doaa El-Bey

Al-Ahram Weekly

The Cairo Opera House held a celebration for Palestine this week in the framework of Ramadan celebrations of Arab states. Diplomats from Arab and foreign states in addition to the members of the Palestinian community in Egypt attended.

Ahmed Abul-Gheit: New job, new challenges

Ahmed Abul-Gheit will start his term as the eighth Secretary-General of the Arab League (AL) next week. He is likely to start by holding meetings with top officials of the AL general secretariat. Throughout his diplomatic career, Abul-Gheit has shown discipline, excellent administrative skills and considerable diplomatic poise: traits that are likely to help him in his new and challenging job.

Abul-Gheit was the foreign minister under President Hosni Mubarak until the latter was ousted in January 2011. He kept that job for about seven months before the whole cabinet was forced to resign in the wake of the January Revolution. After his resignation, Abul-Gheit kept a low profile until the 30 June uprising, during which time he wrote his memoirs, My Testimony, published in 2013. Abul-Gheit served as the permanent representative of Egypt at the UN headquarters in New York (1999-2004) before assuming the post of foreign minister, succeeding Ahmed Maher (2001-2004). He also served as the head of the office of former Egyptian foreign minister Amr Moussa for several years in the 1990s.

The 22-member of the AL voted unanimously in favour of Abul-Gheit after much debate. He will succeed Nabil Al-Arabi, who also served as Egypt’s foreign minister in 2011. Al-Arabi declared last March that he would not seek another term at the end of his term in office on 1 July.

“What is the value of the land if it is barren? Without life or investment, land has no value. What is the value of land like Syria, Libya or Yemen that is kicking out millions of its residents who escape from civil war? I am not asking Egypt or Saudi Arabia to give up their rights. The two islands are barren. Neither Egypt not Saudi Arabia were interested in them before the demarcation. The conflict over the two islands is motivated by people who do not care about the islands; they are just using that issue to mar relations between Egypt and Saudi.”
Newton, Al-Masry Al-Youm

A different war

“Who said that the war is in Syria, Iraq or Libya? Egypt is witnessing a different war that is after the Egyptians’ money. It is the ferocious war of advertising. That war, which tackles various commodities, does not appreciate the difficult conditions of the poor. Besides, these ads give the impression that Egyptians live in luxury, using all kinds of weapons including lying and presenting unrealistic views about areas that have vast gardens, artificial rivers and waterfalls.”
Abbas Al-Tarabili, Al-Masry Al-Youm

Ramadan drama

“The phrase ‘Ramadan drama’ has become an artistic term in the last 10 or possibly 20 years. Strange enough, the term is not related to the month in any way. That is, it does not describe a work of art that started and developed in a certain way during the holy month. Besides, that drama is not religious in the sense of presenting values related to the holy month, nor is it about the life of prominent Islamic figures. On the contrary, such drama opens the door to weak work that does not bother to use decent language.”
Mustafa Moharam, Al-Akhbar

Did they make a mistake?

“I can claim that David Cameron made a mistake when he decided to hold a referendum on a complicated issue like whether or not the UK should remain in the EU or leave it, which has huge negative implications on his country and on Europe. Referendums are institutional and democratic tools that should not be used rashly. However, there are other democratic tools that can correct this mistake. It is the signing of a memo by over one and a half million people to hold another referendum on the UK membership in the EU.”
Moataz Billah Abdel-Fattah, Al-Watan
“Were the UK voters subjected to deceit? Is it true that most of those who voted to leave the EU did so without being aware of the impact? If that is the case, then we are facing a revolution in political thought and marketing. It is an issue that came to light years ago and reveals the role that the media and propaganda can play.”
Akram Al-Kassas, Al-Youm Al-Sabei

Egyptian Essence: 741 open spaces for Eid prayers

“Cairo and Giza governorates prepared 741 open areas in which the Eid prayers will be performed. That, in addition to opening the big mosques for the same reason.”
Al-Youm Al-Sabei


“A USA church voted for boycotting the Zionist entity and ending the occupation of Palestine. When will Al-Azhar make a move on that issue?”
Nader Fergany

“As long as [Yasser] Borhami and his likes speak in mosques, it cannot be said that the state is serious about renewing religious discourse. Besides, those who were given that mission by the presidency are not bothered to carry it out. The presidency should realise this and hand that task over to non-religious institutions, if it is serious.”
Hanania Mounir


Nina @WlldatHeart  
30,000 ppl RSVPed attending a #Facebook event tomorrow in front of Ministry of Education to protest exam cancellation after leaks. #Egypt

Spencer Haskins @KC_Spencer  
Egypt cancels high school exam amid leaks: Egypt cancelled a high school final exam on Sunday after papers for it were leaked online…

Good Morning America @GMA  
WATCH: #Brexit backlash; millions asking for a “do-over” following result that still has many shocked and baffled.

David Jones @DavidJo52951945  
Brexit will not trigger recession & the UK will get good growth.
Ali Abunimah @AliAbunimah  
The bad but not unexpected Israel-Turkey deal leaves Gaza siege intact, underscores need for popular resistance not tied to governments: BDS.

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