Sunday,23 September, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1304, (21 - 27 July 2016)
Sunday,23 September, 2018
Issue 1304, (21 - 27 July 2016)

Ahram Weekly

‘I don’t want to play the terrorists’ game’

On the third day of Eid, before his tourism-boosting concert in Sharm El-Sheikh, the French DJ David Vendetta told Samia Fakhry about his latest visit to Egypt

‘I don’t want to play the terrorists’ game’
‘I don’t want to play the terrorists’ game’
Al-Ahram Weekly

I would like to have the Egyptian passport because I love Egypt so much, I love the spirit of Egypt. I love Sharm, of course, and the people. Sharm El-Sheikh is an amazing place, so beautiful. For me I like being here tonight for the concert, for the sea, because actually I am very sad about the Sharm situation. Because I am French, and of course I read the newspaper, I watch TV.  They say, “Oh, there is a big terrorist attack on the Russian plane.” And I know Putin said there was concern, etc. But that is not my opinion. 

I take a lot of planes. And I think there are a lot of terrorist attacks, not only in Egypt and not only in Turkey – two weeks ago, there was an attack on Ataturk Airport – but there was on France, and there have been attacks in the United State too. I think now terrorist attacks are not only in Middle East countries but everywhere, every place.  And this is why I am here. I also would like to be in Turkey. Because I don’t want to play the terrorists’ game. The terrorists want us to stay afraid and to stay at home and not to visit a different country. And I say, “No, we must be calm, live our beautiful lives, and visit very beautiful places like Sharm.”

Terrorist attacks can happen anywhere, and for example this attack in America is no one’s fault – only that of the terrorists. It is not possible to assign a policeman to every citizen. It is unfortunate, but my message is to be happy, and to not play the terrorists’ game.

There are many markets for my music. I am very Popular in Russia, for example. I am also popular in Egypt because I made a track titled “Yama Layaly” with Haifa Wehbe six years ago. And I am very happy and proud to do this because it was the first time for a DJ from Europe to work with an Arab superstar. Yes, I wanted to give a present to my fans in the Arab countries. And I had the chance to make my music with songs that have Arabic lyrics.  I have a project with the great Tunisian star Akram. We worked together before, we produced “Unidos para la musica”. He is a good friend with great spirit.

You know, I travel all around the world, in different countries, and Arab people are kind, and they love music. Sometimes I take a taxi and the drivers are always playing music. You have music on your body, and I like this. But, yes, I have many new projects. A new track is coming soon in the Star Music in Russia...

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