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Current issue | Issue 1304, (21 - 27 July 2016)
Tuesday,16 January, 2018
Issue 1304, (21 - 27 July 2016)

Ahram Weekly

Pharaohs beat the cedars

The Egyptian U-18 national team won the 16th Arab Basketball Championship held in Alexandria, Nora Koloyan-Keuhnelian reports

Al-Ahram Weekly

Egypt beat Lebanon 64-54 in the final of the U-18 Arab Basketball Championship held in Alexandria’s Olympic Club on Sunday.

The scores of the first three quarters (16-12, 38-19, 52-33) pointed to an exciting game during which the Pharaohs led throughout while adopting a strong defence, counter-attacks and a barrage of three-pointers, all led by their coach Amr Abul-Kheir and assistant coach Tarek Khairi.

The Lebanese, with Joe Mujaes and his assistant Sevag Ketenjian at the helm, narrowed a 20-point difference to 10 towards the end. By the end of the half, Lebanon’s best player Ali Mansour had scored 12 of his team’s 19 points.

This was the second time both teams met in the championship held from 9-17 July.

In the first round, Egypt beat Iraq 77-65, defeated Libya, beat Tunisia 70-54 and Lebanon 52-44 before losing to Algeria 59-56. In the semi-finals Egypt beat Tunisia again 77-69 to qualify to the final.

Lebanon had four consecutive victories, over Iraq 68-49, Tunisia 88-76, Libya 96-65 and Algeria 77-62, before losing to Egypt at the end of the first round. In the semi-finals Lebanon repeated its victory over Algeria 78-68.

According to Egyptian basketball experts, Essam Tamer was Egypt’s best player in Sunday night’s final.

Six countries participated in the tournament: Libya, Lebanon Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq and the host country. The Egyptian team took part with 14 players while the Lebanese had 12.

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