Friday,17 August, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1309, (25 - 31 August 2016)
Friday,17 August, 2018
Issue 1309, (25 - 31 August 2016)

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Entre Nous: Homemade silver polish

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While most silver polishing tips recommend using commercial polishes, polishing silver naturally is an excellent alternative, especially when dealing with items used with food. White toothpaste can be just as effective as using commercial polishes, for example. Beside its pleasant smell, you don’t have to worry so much about getting every trace of chemical off the piece of silver before using it.

Here are some other tips for polishing sliver naturally:

- Squeeze a little toothpaste on a soft flannel cloth. Rub it very gently into the piece of silver you are polishing so as not to scratch it. Use a clean portion of the cloth to polish the piece until it shines. Rinse the item and buff it again to a high shine. You can also try soaking items overnight in a homemade silver polish made of two cups of milk mixed with two tablespoons of vinegar. Rinse and dry well the next morning.

- Another option is to clean silver with a polishing cloth alone as an alternative to using harsh chemicals. Rub the piece well with the silver polishing cloth as directed by the manufacturer. There are chemicals in the polishing cloth that will help remove the tarnish, and a polishing cloth alone is a lot less messy than liquid or cream polishes.

- Alternatively, try soaking silver in a baking soda and salt bath. You will need a sink, a basin or glass pan, a sheet of aluminium foil, hot water, baking soda, salt, kitchen tongs and clean dry cloths. Start by lining the bottom of a sink or basin with the aluminium foil.

Make sure the pieces you are polishing are able to touch the foil easily. Add roughly equal parts of salt and baking soda — there is no need for exact measurements and two tablespoons of each are enough. Place the silver in the bottom of the basin, making sure all the pieces are touching the shiny side of the aluminium foil. Gently pour water over everything. Let the pieces sit for a maximum of five minutes, though if the items are heavily tarnished you might want to leave them a little longer.

Use kitchen tongs to flip the silver over after one side appears to be polished and to transfer it from the water to a clean cloth. After resting all the pieces on the cloth, wipe them down with another clean cloth for best results.

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