Friday,21 September, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1311, (8 - 21 September 2016)
Friday,21 September, 2018
Issue 1311, (8 - 21 September 2016)

Ahram Weekly


“The Spirit of Places,” is the solo intriguing exhibition of paintings by Reda Abdel-Salam due to open on 18 September at Picasso gallery.

This is Abdel-Salam’s exhibition number 40 which is the result of multiple and varied sources of inspiration and creativity in art. The artist adopted in some of his paintings, the style of cubism as he created a space inside the paintings and surrounded them, curiously, with a net of lines made it look like an empty cube. 

According to the artist, “The Nature, real life, different environments, stories of the history of mankind, and people's dreams, music and poetry, as well as human heritage represent in fact, the sources of inspiration and aesthetic stimuli for many of the figurative artists. Each and every artist has to choose and identify his own creative path towards his desired target. I’m here often enumerating the types of my creative sources through images and scenes from random poverty-stricken and slum areas and their visual polluters and intimate and warm popular atmosphere, with all memories and cultural and social contradiction. They are the most pressing on my creative motivations in recent years, ” the artist notes.

So, Abdel-Salam himself is interested in thinking of places and echo them on canvas whenever the opportunity becomes available; without help of preparatory drawing or sketches, but based on his visual memory inspired by various scenes in his daily life, and on his potential energy that form his different themes. His paintings reflect the spirit of the places and its aesthetic values using technical tools of expression such as the colour, light, rhythm, chromatography and spatial perspective and other elements.

“The subjects of my paintings are emotional and expressive of the transfigurations, research and detection of the strength and vitality of the visual language and soft glamour of beauty,” he added.

The exhibition continues until 6 October.

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