Wednesday,22 August, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1312, (22-28 September 2016)
Wednesday,22 August, 2018
Issue 1312, (22-28 September 2016)

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Gaber Hegazi
Gaber Hegazi

SculptorGaber Hegazi, who has passed away a few days ago, is one of the pioneers in sculpturing large sized pieces on solid materials whether wood, marble or granite.

He mastered this specialised type of art adding his very own individual creations, ideas and artistic diversities. He carved his sculpted pieces by and large in geometricc forms with precision and perfection. Hegazi managed masterfully to soften the tough and motionless nature of this material creating harmony between the different factors of his art pieces. He mastered this art genre, which he inherited from his Pharaonic ancestors and inspired by their unique art, and coated it with his very own contemporary and modern style. This exceptionally gifted sculptor was to a large extent influenced by the Islamic art in its abstraction, symbolism, combining a charming naïveté with spiritual energy. His sculptures were also overwhelmed by the Egyptian folkloric heritage with its ethnic features, imagination, realism and spontaneity. The Alexandrian artist succeeded to tame the solid material of granite to embody his ideas carving one of his most remarkable sculptures entitled “Square” statue that decorates the Mediterranean port city Alexandria, his birth place, specifically the Max district. Alexandria is also decorated by another three statues created by Hegazi; a statue that perpetuates the memory of late Alexandrian composer and singer Sayed Darwish, as well as the composer Sayed Mekkawi. This in addition to a statue depicting the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis currently decorating Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s Conferences Hall.    

Hegazi's works are on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art.

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