Thursday,20 September, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1313, (29 september - 5 October 2016)
Thursday,20 September, 2018
Issue 1313, (29 september - 5 October 2016)

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Entre Nous: De-stressing school mornings

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Do you feel like you have run a marathon every morning? You are not alone. It’s a new school year, and once school is back in session, mornings, especially if you are a working mother, have school-age kids, or both, can be the most crazy-making part of any parent’s day.

Going back to school means the relaxed, lazy days of summer are about to give way to packed schedules, homework, after-school activities, and, toughest of all, waking the kids up early. And because children don’t understand time in the same way as grown-ups, this can make school mornings a stressful time of day for families.

There is no doubt starting school is a huge change in a young child’s life. But staying calm and getting along in the mornings can set the tone and help the whole family feel positive about the day ahead. As many life coaches and parenting experts state, a predictable and positive morning routine for school can help children arrive at school feeling calm and help you get out the door on time as well.

Here are some useful tips to reduce morning chaos and maybe even help to find the time to enjoy a morning cup of coffee:

* Rushing can increase stress levels, so it helps to give yourself a bit more time in the morning. Try to get up 15 to 30 minutes earlier on a school day.

* Tackle the morning as positively as you can. Give your children calm, clear instructions about what you want them to do. Good moods can be infectious.

* Set up a morning routine for school to help your children predict what’s coming and remember what they need to do.

* Think about having a weekly schedule or calendar with reminders of what your child needs to take to school each day.

* Try to find out the night before or even earlier if there is something special going on at school the next day.

* Cut down on distractions like television, computer tablets and other devices. Think about leaving screens off in the morning, unless screen time is a special treat for being ready on time.

* Try not to give your children extra attention if they argue or stall.

* Get the kids to bed on time and prepare their outfits the night before to help ease time pressure in the morning. And, finally, even on very rushed mornings, always make time for cuddles.

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