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Current issue | Issue 1314, (6 - 12 October 2016)
Tuesday,17 July, 2018
Issue 1314, (6 - 12 October 2016)

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‏Masterly work

The Egyptian Modern Pentathlon Federation (EMPF) continues its winning streak but this time off the field, reports Inas Mazhar.

Al-Ahram Weekly

The EMPF family received good news earlier this week from the International Union for Modern Pentathlon (UIMP) congratulating board member Shereen Saleh on winning a seat in the UIPM elections for its Masters Committee.

Saleh, a member of the Women and Sports Committee at the Egyptian National Olympic Committee, was elected together with Walli from Finland and Engerisser from Germany. The elections were held 30 September and announced this week.

In a letter sent to the three winners, it was announced that the new UIPM executive board which will be elected in the coming congress is to name the chairperson for the committee.

Saleh's victory came after her work to introduce the Masters programme for children, seniors, elders and families in Egypt among the activities of the EMPF, organising two successful events in Cairo as a beginning. Saleh also headed a team to the UIPM Masters World Championship 2016 held in July in Prague, Cezch Republic.

Saleh was thrilled with the news as she spoke to Al-Ahram Weekly. "I am glad my efforts were recognised internationally by the UIPM. I thank my family at the EMPF for supporting me in introducing the Masters competitions in Egypt and backing me at the elections for the Masters Committee," she told Al-Ahram Weekly.

Saleh, who will serve in the committee for four years, said the UIPM Masters competitions encourages competitors to keep in touch with the modern pentathlon, thereby contributing to the development of the sport.

UIPM Klaus Shormann personally congratulated Saleh for her election. “Our Masters movement has gone from strength to strength in recent years and I know from having attended the 2016 Masters World Championship in Prague that competition is more serious than ever and events are about much more than fun.

 “Your contribution to the Masters movement in Egypt has been exceptional and I look forward to sharing insights with the newly-composed Masters Committee, which has such an important role to play in the development of our sport, in the months and years to come.

“By working together, we can create more and more opportunities for former senior athletes to continue their competitive careers in our beloved sport”, Shormann said in his letter to Shereen.

UIPM Master competitions include the Master Competitions, Masters World Championships and Masters Continental Championships.

"There are two formats in the Masters Competitions: pentathlon and tetrathlon. The Masters Pentathlon consists of riding, fencing, swimming, shooting and running (classic mode) or riding, fencing, swimming and a combination of shooting and running (combined mode). The Tetrathlon consists of the same disciplines without riding. There are also Masters categories in the Biathle and Triathle and laser run competitions.

Saleh started right away planning for including official Masters competitions among EMPF activities. The beginning was the Biathle and Triathle Masters Competition for the families. The event was held in Hurghada as part of the International Biathle/Triathle Championships and saw a high turn-out of participating families from Egypt and abroad. " I am so proud my idea succeeded. Let's master it!" Saleh said enthusiastically.

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