Sunday,17 February, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1121, 8-14 November
Sunday,17 February, 2019
Issue 1121, 8-14 November

Ahram Weekly


“The Egypt that I know”, is the latest exhibition of paintings and drawings by ophthalmologist and artist Farid Fadel inaugurated at Isis and Nahdat Masr Halls in Mahmoud Mukhtar Cultural Centre.
The exhibition showcases a new collection of works representing Egypt. Known for his naturalist style, Fadel brings together 60 new paintings mostly in oil and water-colours that depict the essence of all that is Egyptian in the truest sense of the word; men enjoying their afternoon tea, girls visiting their relatives in a village and enjoying stories in the shadow of a tree, a temple guard sitting proudly at the foot of a colossal statue at Karnak and fellucas sailing down the Nile.
“We need to remind ourselves of our Egyptian culture as basis for building a new Egypt that takes real pride in its ancient Pharaonic civilization,” he stresses. “The competing political parties should always remember to keep Egypt and its rich culture at the heart of any reform or development programme,” he adds. In addition to the 60 new works on show at Isis Hall, Fadel is also sharing his artistic journey at Nahdat Masr Hall where he is showing 40 examples of his works created over the past four decades in a retrospective exhibition that focuses on Egypt as its main theme. Egyptian portraits, for which Fadel gained popularity, are featured in both halls in addition to a small section dedicated to the art of still life.
The exhibition runs through 19 November.

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