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Current issue | Issue 1318, (3 - 9 November 2016)
Wednesday,19 September, 2018
Issue 1318, (3 - 9 November 2016)

Ahram Weekly


Compiled by Doaa El-Bey

Al-Ahram Weekly
A joint show by the Abu Simbel Folk Troupe and children from different parts of China took place in the Chinese city of Nanjing. The celebration is part of the Egyptian-Chinese cultural year 2016, which marks 60 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Al-Hager Dam: A symbol of corruption
The collapse of the Al-Hager Dam before the first flood is a clear indication of negligence, corruption and irresponsibility.
The people of Sohag were relieved when the dam was completed three years ago. They were told that it will protect them from floods.
However, their relief proved unfounded when it collapsed within 30 minutes of flooding.
To add to the suffering of the people, the collapse of Al-Hager Dam led to the collapse of another old dam leaving the inhabitants of Al-Hager village with no protection whatsoever against the water.
The inhabitants including elderly women and children were left prey to snakes and locusts brought about by the flood water. 
Surprised eyewitnesses found out there was hardly any iron foundation in the dam and that it was built with brick and cement only. One eyewitness expressed his belief that, had the inhabitants of the poor and needy village built that dam themselves, it would not have collapsed in this way.
The dam, which cost five million pounds, has failed its first test. It also shed light on the corruption, negligence, indifference to the loss of life and lack of concern for the suffering of Egyptian citizens that is sadly still rife in government circles. 

“Do we have an economic problem? Yes, we do. Do we have a shortage of foreign currency? Yes, we do. Every social class suffers in its own way and according to its resources, capabilities and dreams. Thus, complaining of the present situation has become the pastime in any gathering nowadays: at the café, or Al-Gezira club, or in houses in Zamalek and Boulak as well as Imbaba. Everyone is very pessimistic. However to get past this crisis, we need some optimism. We need wisdom from the government, more work from state and private employees, more will and effort to fight corruption and finally more prayers to God to help us. Believe me, there is light at the end of the tunnel.”
Khaled Abaza, Al-Masry Al-Youm

An indication of performance
“I commented in an article last November about President Al-Sisi’s decision to earmark one billion pounds from the Long Live Egypt fund to improve the performance of the sewerage network. He gave officials 10 days to resolve that problem. Nearly 360 days later, floods came anew to kill 18 persons and injure others. I have two questions here: where have the billion pounds gone and how come, a whole year after the president says a problem should be resolved in 10 days, that problem continues? The answer to these questions is an indicator to the official performance lately.”
Mahmoud Khalil, Al-Watan

Sense of humour?
“Perhaps what Iyad Madani said in the conference in Tunisia should be a lesson for all Arab officials. We do not want more misunderstanding in inter-Arab relations. Senior Arab officials should aim to unite all Arabs. If it is acceptable for young men to resort to a sense of humour, it is not for senior officials, because it has serious repercussions.”

The Youth Conference 
“The present regime headed by President Al-Sisi made a major achievement in the Youth Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh. It managed to instil Egyptians with new hope, and proved that the conference is not a mere venue for words but for action. The conference reached decisions that are linked to a timetable and is binding to the government. More importantly, all these decisions aim to improve the operation of soft power in Egypt.”
Mahmoud Musallam, Al-Watan
“The conference comes at a time when the Egyptian economy is going through a very difficult phase. External debt, for instance, has reached $55.8 billion; and internal debt, LE 2.619 trillion. These challenges and the rising prices necessitate the participation of the young, who represent 60 per cent of the population in work and production. Meanwhile, we need to benefit from experienced people in order to apply difficult and much needed measures to save the economy.”
Nasr Zaalouk, Al-Ahram
“In his speech at the Youth Conference, the president talked on day 873 of his term about amending the protest law and reviewing the status of detainees. Who then is responsible for their detention all this time? What did the president do with the various lists that were handed to him after his request? Why did he insist on releasing only 100 on feasts and public holidays? Why not 105 or 137 out of the thousands detained because they took part in peaceful demonstrations?”
Omar Al-Hadi, Al-Masry Al-Youm

Egyptian Essence: An agreement for 65 million euros
“Egypt and Germany signed a financial agreement for the value of 65 million euros. The agreement includes a 48-million euro loan that will finance medium, small and micro projects and improve the sewerage and road networks. The loan will be paid over 30 years with an initial ten-year grace period and an interest rate of two per cent. The agreement also includes an 18-million euro grant.”
Al-Youm Al-Sabei

“Hurghada and other governorates were drowned in spite of the fact that governors and the Ministry of Irrigation stated that they are ready for the flood season this year. Do we learn from past experiences? Or are we silly people? Floods are a curse on Egypt whereas they are supposed to be a blessing especially now when we are exposed to water poverty.”
Mustafa Kamel
“This time, Assiut was drowned in flood water and the local council is not doing anything. They did not learn their lesson from what happened in Alexandria last year! It is a shame that officials do not act until the president becomes aware of the problem!”
Somaya El-Essawy

Amr Khalifa @Cairo67Unedited  
Govt. says 18 dead in floods. Local activist #Sohag , in south where floods struck, says 20 dead there alone with many still missing.   
Ramy Yaacoub @RamyYaacoub 
The Egyptian Youth conference: more bureaucracy, layers, & mandates. Added responsibilities added on a government that already can’t deliver.
Sarah El Deeb @seldeeb  
#Egypt president at youth conference. Youth are not in the front row. #whereIsTheYouth
Daily News Egypt @DailyNewsEgypt
State-sponsored youth conference praises government. Opposition’s campaign focuses on #youth in prison.  

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