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Wednesday,20 February, 2019
Issue 1320, (17 - 23 November 2016)

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Dressing up your bathroom

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Since we put plants in our living rooms, bedrooms, or even in the kitchen, there’s no reason to not include the bathroom in this list too. In fact, bathrooms deserve to be dressed up with lush greenery just like any other room in the house. Luckily, there are lots of plants that do better in the bathroom than in other areas of the home because they need humidity. In addition to their decorative appeal, they also help purify the air.

Yet, it can be tricky to find plants that thrive in bathrooms. Low light, high humidity and warm temperatures mean only certain houseplants will flourish. Where to place these plants should also be taken into consideration. The countertop is a nice option and is ideal for small plants. You can also place them by the tub, on the windowsill, in a corner, on a shelf or hang them on the wall.

Aloe vera:
Although it needs some sunlight, this plant can burn under too much sun, making it a great candidate for the bathroom. It doesn’t need lots of water to survive, so the humidity should be fairly low. A good place for an aloe plant is close to the window but not in direct sunlight.

Bamboo needs very little light to grow and should be placed in low, indirect light. It doesn’t even need soil — simply pop the stalk into a container filled with pebbles and water. Change the water every two to four weeks. Being a fast-growing plant, you should curtail the growth of bamboo by providing a physical barrier (such as a recessed shelf) or by shaping it regularly.

These are commonly referred to as air plants and are able to grow without soil, or without necessarily being planted at all. In the right environment, they hardly require any care whatsoever. But if your air plant doesn’t get enough moisture from the air, you can mist it, or give it a good soak every few weeks.

Hanging plants:
These are very popular and practical types. You can save a lot of space if you hang them from the ceiling or from a hook in your bathroom.

The warmth and humidity of bathrooms makes a perfect environment for these pretty plants that grow in bark instead of soil and prefer this material to be damp but not wet. Though orchid flowers feature a variety of colours, white orchids are among the most popular. Because of their subtle elegance they’re perfect for modern interiors.

Though these vary in care needs depending on the specific species, most bromeliads grown as houseplants need filtered light, plenty of moisture in the air, and a temperate indoor climate. Most are prized for their incredibly colourful, variegated foliage and long-lasting colour.

These pretty blooms do best in fluorescent lighting, although they can survive when placed in window locations too, the exception being north-facing windows. They also require daily bathroom humidity or regular misting.

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