Friday,22 February, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1321, (24 - 30 November 2016)
Friday,22 February, 2019
Issue 1321, (24 - 30 November 2016)

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Overcoming money fights

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No doubt, marriage requires spouses to stay reasonable and reserved when it comes to earning and managing money. But sometimes leading a happy marital life without money arguments, especially in the present economic crisis, can be almost impossible. The good news is that it is not difficult to manage money fights with your partner. You just need to be on the same wavelength.

Here are a few golden rules that may help you avoid money fights:

Never hide debts:
Big credit card debts can create serious issues in any relationship. Nowadays it’s all too easy to fall into a credit trap. Everybody faces financial obstacles from time to time, so put aside your shame and share this problem with your spouse.

Create a spending plan:
If you want to avoid money fights, both of you should create a spending plan. This will outline possible expenses. However, if you are fond of surprises and hate predictable things this plan won’t fit you.

Don’t hide your purchases:
It’s advisable to keep your partner well-informed of any purchase you want to make, because your relationship is based on trust. So try to be honest.

Plan major purchases together:
Whether it’s a new computer or a flat screen television, you need to consult with your partner before any major purchase. Everything depends on your budget, and consulting with each other before spending can help prevent money fights.

Have some personal money:
Each partner should have some funds put aside to spend on personal items. Using your own money, you won’t have to agree small purchases with your spouse. This will reduce the frequency of quarrels about finances in the family.

Cancel unused credit cards:
Sometimes financial issues can be really challenging. But it’s important to try to improve your credit score because a bad credit score is never a good thing. In addition to paying higher interest rates, it can add to your monthly expenses and cause fights with your spouse.

Be respectful:
Never criticise your partner even if he or she makes poor financial choices. Try to respect your partner’s choices and actions. Regardless of who is more successful at managing money, everybody makes money mistakes in any relationship. Intensifying the problem will just disrupt trust and create further problems.

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