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Current issue | Issue 1326, (5-11 January 2017)
Thursday,25 April, 2019
Issue 1326, (5-11 January 2017)

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Going trendy for the New Year

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 Going trendy for the New Year
Going trendy for the New Year

It’s the time of year when we begin to look to the future, make a list of our new year’s resolutions, and consider major life changes. Just as there’s no better time to embrace a new image than the beginning of a new year, there’s no better place to start than with your hair.

According to hair colour experts, 2017 is going to see a real mix of different colours, calling for a whole new approach to hair dye that could change your look.

Here are some inspiring hair colour ideas to consider:

Rose gold: This was one of the biggest trends at the end of 2016, and it will continue into 2017. To give this a new year update, work in a few soft blonde shades to give more depth and texture to your hair.

Easy blonde: While this light hue is always a top trend, there will be a new way for blondes to keep their look for longer by creating a vanilla colour this new year. Beigey roots with vanilla blonde ends is an amazing look for blonds, allowing hair to grow out and not really worry about regrowth.

Goldfinch: This is a universally flattering colour, with chocolatey roots going out to lighter caramel ends that suits a multitude of skin tones and can be adjusted to the wearer. For hair experts, this is a more subtle look than the traditional ombre.

Baby highlights: This look is super-natural, taking hair back to what it looked like when we were children and before it was changed by colouring and styling. So ditch the straighteners and let your hair air dry in order to embrace the natural texture and movement of your hair.  

Pastels: Platinum will still be a strong trend in 2017, and it’s a great base to experiment with lots of different colours like pastels.

Bronze: Bronze will be big this year, and splices of it can add depth to brunette hair.

Peek- a-boo: If you want to go for something bold, try flashes of colours like lilac, blue, and mint greens. They are more pastel than bright and far more tasteful.

Silver fox: Greys and silvers will continue to be as popular as ever this year. You can be more subtle with your colour choice and pick tones that complement your natural hair colour rather than masking it.

Chocolate orange: For redheads who want to go browner, brown colours on top of copper red can give violet hues.

Vermillion: This can be adjusted with copper elements to soften the look. The combination of copper, orange and amber tones makes the colour more wearable.

Fade out: This is tipped as a new take on a traditional look this year. It’s an update on ombre, but also a much softer, more lived in look, adding subtle roots to highlights or updating a blonde balayage. You can also apply a darker toner to roots and lengths, leaving ends brighter.

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