Wednesday,26 April, 2017
Current issue | Issue 1127, 20 - 26 December 2012
Wednesday,26 April, 2017
Issue 1127, 20 - 26 December 2012

Ahram Weekly

A Glimpse of Heritage

Mohamed Abla painting
Mohamed Abla painting

At Safarkhan gallery, Mohamed Abla is displaying his latest collection of paintings in an exhibition entitled A Glimpse of Heritage.  
The show promises to be a resounding show of Abla’s most diverse creations. Pieces that indulge in themes of travel, exploration, antiquity and the lost and captivating charm of far-off lands, the mesmerizing allure of Oriental scenery of our ancient heritage as well as modern scenery of our cities, and their curious but enthralling inhabitants.

The artist has produced parts of this collection through his unique creative process, which involves the dipping of his paper sheets into a water solution that he then stains with paint, before removing the saturated sheets and drying them, and afterwards completing each piece by hand through painting his evocative panoramas and mystical scenes in the radiant and blooming palettes, using collages and calligraphy. The first part of Abla’s exhibition is a wandering journey into the characters and tales of oriental antiquity’s kings, princes, sultans, traders, soldiers, poets and mystics, and the precious secrets of their magical age, conveyed through mysterious faceless figures enveloped by fantastical and almost psychedelic environments that transport the viewer to these lost ages of mystique and folklore of the ancient orient. 

In the second part of this collection are Abla’s works which focus on the metropolis. Cairo's densely congested but perpetually lively city life. In these entrancing cityscapes Abla uses simple strokes of lines and dots and the same fluorescent and vibrant colours that are typically fantastical and supernatural and applies them to very real-life settings.

For example, he has visualized a scene of the Great Pyramids of Giza from a bird’s eye view in all their splendor surrounded by a circle of haphazardly assembled high-rises competing for space.

The exhibition runs through 9 February

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