Friday,26 April, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1328, (19 - 25 January 2017)
Friday,26 April, 2019
Issue 1328, (19 - 25 January 2017)

Ahram Weekly

Out the door

Trust him to do what is not done. The peaceful transition of presidential power that traditionally takes place in the US every four or eight years does not apply when the president is Barack Hussein Obama.

As he walks out the door of the White House he leaves an insurmountable mess for his successor to deal with. Unable to relinquish power, he still cannot hide from a failed presidency. If only there were a revolving door he would have returned in order to preserve his “legacy”.

It was historic, without a doubt. He was the first black man to occupy the highest position in the US — maybe the highest in the world. It must be hard to let go.

In their zeal to right the wrong committed against their black population, Americans rushed to make amends by electing a black man as their president. The problem was they picked the wrong black man. They soon discovered that it was not only his skin was dark, but so was his vision for the US. He was a polarising figure, with little to offer the people except for his own partisan ideology and his penchant towards ‘change’ — a change from capitalism to socialism which the citizens rejected. He had a hidden agenda which he immediately started to implement.

Health insurance for all was a good thing.  For the few uninsured, he should have taken measures to insure them and leave the best healthcare system in the world intact.  Instead, to leave his mark, he overhauled the whole system equivalent to socialised medicine, a failure worldwide, urging everyone to come to America for the best care. He promised a skeptical public: “If you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it. If you like your doctor you can keep him/her.”  The shocker is that while making his pledge he knew full well that it is the federal government which would be in control of both doctor and plan. The cost shot up for all and the plan failed miserably, leaving the once insured out in the cold.

Fourteen surveys conducted by CNN/ ORC found that on issues of health, economy, racial-relations, gun-control, immigration, Obama has fallen short of his promises.

In foreign affairs such as terrorism, Iran, Palestinian-Israeli relations, his performance was dismal.

Domestically his country is racially as well as politically divided.  His idea for “change” was not in step with what Americans or the world had hoped for.

Strict regulations for business forced corporations to leave the country and set up shop on foreign shores, raising the rate of unemployment to unprecedented heights. Even small businesses were forced to close, unable to meet with higher taxes and complete health insurance for workers.

Illegal immigration increased as there were no boundaries set.  All were allowed the same privileges as legal citizens.  Criminals who were deported were allowed to return to ‘sanctuary cities’ funded by the government.  It was total chaos and that is what Trump ran on and won.

Congress voted to repeal ‘The Affordable Healthcare Act’ last week.  A wall to prevent illegal immigrants was promised by Trump.

As for his foreign affairs policies he exhibited a lack of understanding and a hesitance to act when necessary. He was blamed for leading from behind, which weakened the leading role America played in the past and gained him little personal respect around the world.

When he clearly announced the departure date of the American armed forces from Iraq, the Islamic extremists bided their time, and once the Americans were gone, they seized the unprotected land, claimed the military equipment left behind and formed an army which they called Islamic State, known as IS.  Could they have been squashed during the early days? Indeed.  But as Obama wobbled and waffled they have now grown into a formidable force that needs armies to defeat them.

Obama went about the Middle-East destroying one country after another but never the terrorists.  Even when they seized and beheaded American citizens he was out on the golf course or heading for fund-raisers in Las Vegas alongside Beyoncé. Yet he speaks of protecting his “legacy”. It is almost laughable.

Egypt has greatly suffered as a result of his ignorance and partisanship, spending $2 billion in order to install the MB, (Monstrous Brotherhood in power and their Mohamed Morsi in the presidency.)  Fortunately, one brave general, Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi delivered us from their despotic rule from which we are still struggling to recover.

He has botched up everything he tried to do and the world has suffered for it. Terrorists run rampant in Paris, Brussels, Egypt, Turkey, even the US, thanks to the inaction and misguided leadership of Barack Obama. Yet his arrogance convinces the people need him. Outraged by Trump’s victory Obama is breaking hundreds of years of tradition.

When you are out, you are out.

Former presidents leave Washington to return to their hometowns, to paint, write, pursue their passions, leaving their successors alone. Not Obama. Out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he set himself up in a nine-bedroom mansion in the affluent Kalorama neighbourhood, of DC acting as if he is still president.

Author Ed Klein believes the real reason is more sinister. He is there to make life difficult for the incoming president, despite the will of the people.

More drama will unfold as we witness Obama unable to silently walk out that door.

“Those who have been once intoxicated with power can never willingly abandon it.”

Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

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