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Current issue | Issue 1329, (26 January - 1 February 2017)
Tuesday,26 March, 2019
Issue 1329, (26 January - 1 February 2017)

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A bunch of cry-babies

US President-elect Donald Trump and his wife Melania leave St. John
US President-elect Donald Trump and his wife Melania leave St. John's Episcopal Church on January 20, 2017, before Trump's inauguration

Donald John Trump is president of the US — and that is that. No amount of wailing and flailing will change the outcome. So, protesters settle down and accept it. Yes, the “misogynist”, “the racist”, “the deplorable”, “the joker”, “the clown” and whatever name you wished to bestow on him has won the hearts of the electorates and the presidency, in a manner beyond the cleverest minds.

Not everyone is happy about it. Mostly, those who underestimated the attributes of the Republican billionaire, who was able to walk with kings, but still never lost the common touch. It was his acute instinct that was overlooked. He judged the people’s point of saturation of the Obama reign and was able to handle the situation, the characters, the mood of the people, and astute as he is, he exploited them.

His populous message appealed to the struggling Americans who suffered from poverty, unemployment, strangling regulations and saw 70,000 factories close, leaving millions jobless. His promise to bring back jobs was serious passionate and sincere.

The darling of the elite Hillary Clinton was assured of winning. All the polls showed her ahead, the women, blacks, minorities, and Hollywood were behind her — there was no chance on earth she would lose — but she did. The reasons are many.

Hillary had a lot of baggage of misdoings and despite the protection of Obama and his Justice Department, she was embroiled in FBI hearings, her unauthorised, unprotected e-mail server, her many lies and her total dependence on celebrities and Hollywood figures funding her campaign. She paid little attention to the working class, or rather non-working class, and they in turn paid little attention to her. They were not to be taken for granted as they have been for decades by the Democrats. Her calculations were wrong. They decided to give Trump a chance. All of Hollywood with their big names and big guns could do little about it.

It was the beginning of last summer, in June of 2015, when a business mogul rode down the gilded escalator of his gilded Trump Tower and announced to the world that he was running for president of the USA.

The journey was long, tedious and rocky. No one gave him a chance in a million. He competed with 17 other republicans for the nomination, all politicians, Senators, congressmen, honed and experienced in the art of politics. What was he? Rich, for sure. A celebrity with hit shows on TV and perhaps a playboy with three marriages under his belt. What they failed to recognise was the hard-working, self-made, aggressive businessman, who said things politicians never dared to say.  

The people liked that and by availing himself to them they were able to judge the real stuff this man was made of. He was simple, sincere and spoke with a passion of his desire to “make America great again”.

Two destinies so utterly unlike, two extremes most calculated to fire up the imagination, one of bankers, celebrities, the rich and famous — the other of the unemployed, destitute and forgotten.

None gave him a chance of winning, yet the jigsaw puzzle finally clicked into place! The “queen” of the democrats was denied a coronation — such is the complexity of human nature. You never know who should win, until it is over, and the best man won.

He is not your traditional Republican, delivering an inauguration message more democratic than any democrat: “Those who have been forgotten shall be forgotten no longer”— powerful words from a man of power.

You would think liberal democrats would be thrilled to hear such words. That is their mantra, their goal in life, to help the needy. The result was the opposite. Obstinate and petulant, one third of the democratic members of Congress refused to attend the Inauguration ceremonies — a celebration of the peaceful transfer of power of a great democracy, a reverence to the presidency not the president.

As for Hollywood, it was a veritable funeral. Most A-liners refused to attend or participate. Nowhere could Beyoncé, George Clooney, Garth Brooks, Andrea Boccelli, Jennifer Lopez, Bruce Springstein, Elton John, Celine Dion, KISS, or even Lady Gaga could be found. All excused themselves, for one reason or another. Even Italian tenor Boccelli was threatened to be boycotted.  

What a missed opportunity for those spoiled celebrities. How naive to expose their points of view to millions of Americans. How arrogant to think they can preach to the people how the country should be run. Americans showed they do not need to be preached by a bunch of pampered film stars when it comes to their patriotism and their freedom to express it.

Their $1 billion donations, concerts and fund-raisers for Clinton brought them nothing. That is how clueless they are, yet when things do not go their way, they voice their loudest protests as they wipe away their tears.

They cried as they watched the pomp and ceremony of the inauguration of the 45th president of the USA. A truly simple man, despite the wealth, he cut down the inaugural balls from 14 by Bill Clinton and eight by Obama to three and when asked what he would do on his first day in the White House, his answer was: “Work”.

The road is rough and tough and needs one rough and tough to handle it.

His load is heavy, but if anyone can carry it, Trump can.

“But one must know where one stands, and where the others wish to go.”    

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe 


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