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Current issue | Issue 1331, (9 - 15 February 2017)
Tuesday,18 June, 2019
Issue 1331, (9 - 15 February 2017)

Ahram Weekly

 Leek and potato creamy soup

 Leek and potato creamy soup
 Leek and potato creamy soup

Yields 8-10 servings

6 large leek stalks (washed, sliced with light green stems)
650 gm potatoes (peeled, diced)
5 cups stock or bouillons cubes added to water
100 ml pouring cream
2 tbsp butter + 1 tbsp olive oil
Salt  + pepper + grated nutmeg + herbes de Provence + 1 bay leaf

Cut leek lengthwise, leaving the tip of the root intact.  Fling them fan open under running tap water; to remove the muddy grimes sticking inside.  Remove tip of root and slice.  Heat a wide medium pan on high.  Add butter and oil and lower heat to medium.  Sauté leek stirring constantly over lower heat; in order not to brown.  Stir in salt and seasoning; until fragrant.  Add potato and stock.  Bring to a boil, then lower heat to medium-low.  Simmer, covered, until potato is cooked through.  Remove bay leaf.  Blend electrically to reach a smooth consistency.  Return to pan.  Stir in cream and bring to the boil.  Remove away from heat.  Serve hot with a dollop of sour cream on top.

NB:  If soup is still thick for your taste; stir in extra boiling water and bring to the boil.

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