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Current issue | Issue 1332, (16 - 22 February 2017)
Monday,18 June, 2018
Issue 1332, (16 - 22 February 2017)

Ahram Weekly


The Cairo Opera House participated for the first time in the 48th round of the Cairo International Book Fair

The Cairo Opera House participated for the first time in the 48th round of the Cairo International Book Fair. The head of the Opera House Ines Abdel-Dayem expressed her happiness with the wide participation of people in the Opera Department and the children’s participation in the theatres established in the fair to display their talents in ballet, singing and music.

“Regarding the imminent reshuffle, the selected ministers should make serving the citizen their first priority and avoid the usual ways of dealing with the public. The best way to combat corruption is to reach out to the people, discuss their problems with them and try to find solutions. Post-25 January and 30 July Egypt is in need of officials who have political awareness. They can with the help of technocrats reach the people and understand the problems they are facing. The new Egypt cannot tolerate indifferent and negligent officials. It requires officials who work hard for its progress and development.”
Bahaaeddin Abu Shokka, Al-Wafd

Ahmed Bahaaeddin

Ahmed Bahaaeddin: Still among us

Rose Al-Youssef Establishment celebrated writer and journalist Ahmed Bahaaeddin’s 90th birthday this week. Bahaaeddin’s first job was in Rose Al-Youssef, where he was adopted by the late Fatma Al-Youssef after graduating from the Faculty of Law.

Bahaaeddin was born in Alexandria in 1927. Although he studied law at Fouad I (Cairo) University, he chose to work as a journalist and made his journey wisely and skilfully until he became one of the most famous.

Besides writing for various newspapers and periodicals including his famous Al-Ahram column Yawmeyat, Bahaaeddin occupied the post of chief editor of Sabah Al-Kheir magazine, Al-Ahram, Dar Al-Hilal and the Kuwatiti Al-Araby magazine.

Bahaaeddin strongly believed in pan-Arabism and fought for it during late president Gamal Abdel-Nasser’s time. He wrote 37 books including Arab Unity, Farouk as a King, Days with a History and others.

On the occasion of his 90th birthday, Rose Al-Youssef issued a selection of his articles in a new book entitled Articles with a History.

Bahaaeddin spent the last six years of his life in a coma. He died in 1996.


The concept of national security

“The Speaker of the House Ali Abdel-Aal tried to conceal the budget and expenditure of parliament in addition to the MPs’ salaries on the pretext that this information is linked to ‘national security’. This is just another attempt in a series of attempts by state institutions to veil their budgets with secrecy… In fact, this is a way to make use of the concept of national security to deprive the people of their right to know how their money is spent. Besides, it is a misunderstanding of the concept that should be based on the people’s trust of their state institutions and the respect of these institutions for the suffering of the people.”
Ashraf Al-Barbari, Al-Shorouk

Waiting for the cabinet reshuffle

Anwar, Al-Masry Al-Youm

unruliness is clearly reflected in our streets

Street havoc

“A state of unruliness is clearly reflected in our streets in a way that needs immediate attendance. Thus, I call on those responsible for organising traffic to seriously consider launching a national campaign to re-introduce respect for traffic regulations. No wonder we top the list of countries with the highest traffic casualties. Statistics show that some 15,000 were killed and 60,000 injured in street accidents in 2015, costing the country over LE30 billion.”
Inas Nour, Al-Ahram

Sports may mend what politics marred

“I expected the poor performance in the Egypt Super Cup for several reasons, namely the physical and psychological injuries that hit various players during the six matches they played in the African Cup. They should have given the players a rest for at least one week. However, it is the fault of the championship committee that insisted on leaving a span of only four days between the two tournaments. That is an indication that it expected the national team to leave the African Cup at an early stage and not reach the final.”
Mustafa Abdallah, Al-Masry Al-Youm
“I am not a sports expert or commentator. I am just a fan of Zamalek like millions of others. And I have some general comments about the Ahli and Zamalek game in the Egypt Super Cup. The match reminded us that football loses an important part of its glamour when it is played without supporters. We dream of the day when matches can be played in Egypt with supporters again, provided that they behave in a proper way. Thus, we need to come up with a set of regulations that will allow them back in matches. Besides, the match that was played in Abu Dhabi proved for the millionth time that football is not just a game but a diplomatic tool that reinforces the depth of relations between Egypt and the UAE. We want to see the same scene repeated in other Arab capitals. We want to see more inter-Arab friendly tournaments played. Sports can mend what politics has marred. Thanks Ahli, Zamalek and Abu Dhabi and congratulations to Zamalek. ”
Emadeddin Hussein, Al-Shorouk

Egyptian wheat

Egyptian Essence: 10 million tons of wheat

“The Minister of Agriculture Essam Fayyad said that Egypt aims to increase the production of wheat from eight to 10 million tonnes in the next three years, according to the national strategic plan. He pointed out that self-sufficiency can be achieved in three ways; first, increasing the land area; secondly, increasing the productivity of the cultivated area; and thirdly, regulating consumption and reducing waste.”


 “Leaks, whatever their subject and whoever is responsible for them, are an unethical act. They cannot be a proof of anything except the meanness of those who resort to a tool prohibited by all religions, laws and constitutions.”
Nour Farahat
“Although they are widely spread now, leaks reveal the ugly face of politicians. We can all remember Wikileaks. Although it was illegal, the subjects of the leaks did not deny them.”
Kadry Alhowary


The Big Pharaoh @TheBigPharaoh  
Alleged leaks indicate the high level of coordination between Egypt and Israel before the former signed deal with Saudi. Not news really.

Middle East Monitor @MiddleEastMnt
Leaks expose #Israel’s direct involvement in #Egypt-#Saudi islands scandal, and show how Israel may have sunk deal.

Sweden Meta Guide @se_meta_guide  
Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway lift travel ban to Sinai. Russia what are you waiting for? Egypt Tourism

OMCT @omctorg
Authorities close down victims centre — but we will keep denouncing #torture in #Egypt.

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