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Current issue | Issue 1332, (16 - 22 February 2017)
Saturday,26 May, 2018
Issue 1332, (16 - 22 February 2017)

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The parallel universe of Human Rights Watch

The latest report of Human Rights Watch opposing an anticipated ban on the Muslim Brotherhood by the Trump administration is built on ignorance and seditious lies

Alternative worlds or parallel universes are well known theories by scientists depicted in countless works of art, literature as well as movies and TV series. Late great scientist Carl Sagan and theoretical physicist Brian Greene suggested the possibility of the existence of alternative universes or worlds. Alternative worlds have been immortalised in great literature works such as H G Wells’ Time Machine, great movies such as the Back to the Future series, Marvel and DC Comics and TV shows such as The Fringe and The Flash.

In most of these literary depictions, the world we know has a parallel alternate whereby similar human beings exist except in different conditions, professions and alternative ways of life.

On 8 February 2017, Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued one of the most bizarre statements attempting to condemn US President Trump forecasted plans to ban the Muslim Brotherhood organisation as a terrorist group — one of the most anticipated resolutions from the new US president that may be the beginning of the end of destroying the cornerstone of international terrorism.

The bizarre HRW report preposterously concludes that banning the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist organisation will stifle democracy abroad and will limit the work of other civic Muslim organisations in US. The report, titled “Don’t Target the Muslim Brotherhood”, seemed for most who read it as if was written in one of those aforementioned parallel universes and not issued from this earthly realm. The report depicts the Muslim Brotherhood as some sort of United Nations charitable organisation for Muslims and not a terrorist group with offices and cells in over 80 countries around the world.

Moreover, the delusional report goes on to describe Muslim Brotherhood activities in Egypt as “peaceful” and that these peaceful activities are met for some reason by a crackdown from Egyptian authorities. The report failed to mention that the so-called “peaceful” activities of the Muslim Brotherhood have resulted in the killing of thousands of Egyptian civilians and soldiers and security forces just in the past three years.

Since the ignition of the Arab Spring revolutions in 2011, the researchers and administrators of HRW seem to have been trapped in one of these alternate universes. From that alternate universe they are issuing one report after another whereby they are turning terrorists into heroic victims while turning victims into aggressors.

If the Collins English Dictionary updated its examples for the word “oxymoron” it could pick a few examples from that report, including this classic statement: “Such a designation would also undermine the ability of the Muslim Brotherhood’s members and supporters to participate in democratic politics abroad.” The deluded report fail to mention that Hassan Al-Banna, the founder of the group in 1928, denounced any democracy based on multiple political parties in his Rasael “Letters” to group members and even falsely claimed that it is prohibited to have political parties in Islam. That reports shows clear ignorance of the literature of the Brotherhood and their leaders, starting from Al-Banna and the writings of the Brotherhood Godfather of modern terrorism Sayed Qutb, who inspired the likes of Osama Bin Laden and Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

Democracy is an abhorred word in Muslim Brotherhood discourse as they would only utilise a free election to rise to power and then change the constitution to end any democratic practices. Striking examples of this took place in Egypt, Gaza, Turkey and Iran with Egypt being the only country that managed to topple Islamists through the 30 June 2013 Revolution.

Since the 1940s, the Muslim Brotherhood has wreaked havoc all across Egypt and has caused dozens of killings, bombings and assassinations. These assassinations included Egyptian Prime Minister Al-Noqrashi Pasha in 1948, through the assassination of President Sadat in 1981, and lately the assassination of the General Attorney Hicham Barakat in June 2015.

Another strange fallacy that HRW propagates is that the Muslim Brotherhood has revoked violence since the 1970s, which is another conclusion coming from a parallel universe. It was actually during the 1970s when the terrorist group attempted to control Egypt, abusing the freedoms granted by late president Sadat after they deceived him by declaring their renunciation of violence, as cited in HRW reports. The 1970s and early 1980s cycle of extremism and violence ended with the brutal assassination of Egypt’s war and peace hero Sadat on 6 October 1981 by Muslim Brotherhood spin off organisation Gamaa Islamiya.


Furthermore, the Muslim Brotherhood organisation and other Islamists are the main obstacle facing Muslims immigrants trying to integrate within Western societies. They have kept Muslim immigrants from integrating into Western societies by forming ghetto-like secluded communities that eventually become more and more alienated from their new homes and countries. These ghettos became closed to the extent that their inhabitants demand the application of Sharia law in their districts, which exist in major European cities in the UK, France and Germany. Accordingly, Muslim Brotherhood influence has actually created more extremism and alienation within the newcomers.

Consequently, the above seclusion leads to further discrimination and stereotyping by the natives of these Western societies towards new Muslim immigrants. It is noteworthy that Muslim immigrants post-World War II and all the way to the early 1970s hardly faced major discrimination as they do now. Some discrimination is the result of the extremist rhetoric spread within immigrant groups by the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist organisations such as CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and terrorist designated organisations such as Hizb Al-Tahrir.

Earlier Muslim immigrants to North America and Europe hardly sought after awkward demands from their host countries, such as the application of Sharia law or any other types of religious laws. On the contrary, Muslims since the 1940s all the way to the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi groups fuelled by petrodollars in the 1970s, were usually law abiding citizens who integrated peacefully in their new homelands, and some even adopted Western names.

Therefore, for the HRW report to cite that, that a ban on the Muslim Brotherhood will harm Muslim integration is purely hogwash and a fallacy propagated by Islamists themselves and parroted by the likes of HRW along with other Islamist funded think tanks. The Muslim Brotherhood is indeed a main cause of the plight of Muslims in Europe and everywhere else they landed.

Furthermore, the sanctimonious head of HRW, Kenneth Roth, has been a figure of many controversies. Roth has been acting as a neo-Orientalist whereby his attitude displays an apparent interest towards the Middle East while possessing a very shallow understanding of the depth of its problems. As a result of being the head of HRW, a sense of self-entitlement has caused him to interfere and dictate to governments and nations what he and his group of researchers believe is the correct way of governance, in his infinite wisdom.


The HRW 8 February 2017 report places the entire work of Human Rights Watch under scrutiny for its authenticity and viability. Undoubtedly, their entire line of reports is now questionable and cannot be perceived without suspicion of political motivations or hidden agendas. It certainly reflects a completely opposite picture from reality. All countries that have Muslim Brotherhood active elements working on their soil have suffered major terrorist activities, including casualties.

Should US President Trump list the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation, it will deal a massive blow to efforts to legalise and whitewash international terrorism under the pretext of integrating political Islam (Islamism) as a mainstream ideology.

Furthermore, the overwhelming majority of Muslims have suffered enough from the actions of the Muslim Brotherhood and its franchises, including the Islamic State group, Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, etc, who tainted and twisted their religion from a pure faith of salvation to a weapon for global domination. True Muslims who believe in the sanctity of the faith will rejoice to see the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist groups finally discredited and banned.

As to Human Rights Watch, it would certainly help if those who never studied Muslim Brotherhood history or their catastrophic effect on Middle East politics, revise Brotherhood literature and review their documented long history of violence, extremist discourse and terrorism in the region. The Muslim Brotherhood’s imperialist world domination master plan for the resurrection of the Caliphate is still in effect. This master plan is featured in all their literature in Arabic and even other languages as it is the ultimate goal of the group. The plan includes the resurrection of the Islamic Caliphate from the borders of China all the way to the borders of France, including Andalucía (Spain and Portugal). The establishment of the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria in 2014 serves as a small demonstration of the Muslim Brotherhood’s dreams.

Human Rights Watch is now either controlled by seditious motives other than promoting human rights or is acting as “useful idiots” for Islamists and terrorist groups who usually play the discrimination or victimisation card once their real intentions are exposed. The renowned human rights organisation has overnight changed into “Terrorist Rights Watch” by citing lies and twisting the truth in favour of whitewashing the reputation of the most dangerous organisation in modern times.

If the Muslim Brotherhood has the right to express themselves freely and participate in political life to enrich democracy, as HRW claims, then it would seem only fair if neo-Nazi parties, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and ultra-right groups do the same and participate openly in political life. After all, these fascist groups have also claimed that they utilise a non-violent approach and have abandoned the use of violence. The truth remains that fascists may come in all creeds, shapes and colours, yet they will remain fascist and violent whenever necessary. Accordingly, radicalism, extremism and terrorism must be fought vehemently, regardless of the religion or race of its perpetrators.

For all intents and purposes, wolves wearing sheep clothes will never pass as sheep, even if they have HRW and its assortment of deluded researchers vouching for their innocence. Muslim Brotherhood history is soaked in blood and since their inception they have been a scourge on humanity that is paying the price of their nine decades of documented terrorist activities worldwide.

The only people who will be hurt by banning the Muslim Brotherhood will be its terrorist members all across the world and the organisations, especially think tanks and human rights organisations, that the group has already infiltrated. The banning of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood is not a threat to democracy as HRW claims, because history proved to us that the very existence of the Muslim Brotherhood is the biggest threat to freedom and democracy all over the world.

The writer is a political analyst and author of Egypt’s Arab Spring and Winding Road for Democracy.

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