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Current issue | Issue 1335, (9 - 15 March 2017)
Friday,26 April, 2019
Issue 1335, (9 - 15 March 2017)

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Powers of the flame

Candles can have healing powers as well as being a source of light

Powers of the flame
Powers of the flame

“When the energy of your house is unbalanced, you can try rebalancing it by putting a candle in a south-east direction [the same place as the qibla in a mosque for prayer] or in the place you pray in,” says Dina Wanas, an energy and self-development expert. “If I use a small candle, I leave it burning until it is finished. For larger ones, these can be reused.”

According to Wanas, candles can be seen as being connected to nature as they represent all the elements of earth (in the wax), air, fire, and eventually water when they are put out. She says that candles make ideal meditation aids, provided that the intention behind the meditation is real and sincere.

The origin of what she calls the “energetic sciences” goes back to ancient Pharaonic, Babylonian, Mesopotamia and Assyrian civilisations, she says, these later being appropriated further to the east. Wanas, a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo, spent five years studying in Thailand. Her Assyrian coach Yoshia Baz also specialises in candle therapy and the beliefs of ancient civilisations.

“My story with candles really began in 2009. I loved sculpting candles in wax and used to spend every day doing so,” Wanas recalls. “But I never noticed the flame and heat of the candles. I only felt a kind of spiritual harmony and attraction between me and the candles.”

Though paraffin wax is the most commonly used material for making candles, Wanas says it’s not suitable for candles used for meditation. “It causes pollution and negative energy because it comes from petroleum,” she explains. Candles made of natural materials like bees wax, coconut and soya are a safe choice for homes, offices and other places, she adds. “It is preferable to buy these materials raw and from trusted sources as they expire after six months,” Wanas says.

Scents or essential oils that are used in making candles include lemon, lavender, vanilla, mint, chocolate, rose, and eucalyptus.

Lemon is used for refreshment, awakening, and attention. Mint is a cooling scent, especially in hot weather or in the summer season.

Chocolate is for those who are addicted to it. Eucalyptus is contained in camphor oil and is highly detoxifying and cleansing.

Rose scent used in pink candles makes deep cleansing for unconditional love, while lavender motivates and gives positive energy. In the workplace, white, rose or green candles blended with lemon and lavender fragrances can be used. The colour choice is important, Wanas says, as the candle colour has a corresponding therapeutic use.

White candles represent all the other colours in one. They promote purity, honesty and spread an atmosphere of peace, protection, and spirituality, as well as a healing power for all diseases. Light blue candles represent water. They can be used to promote tranquillity, patience, wisdom, creativity and silence, along with harmony, the reunion of friendships, healing, forgiveness, inspiration, fidelity, happiness, opening lines of communication and blessings on a beautiful house.

Dark blue candles can help with depression or volatility. Turquoise or greenish blue ones are for the balance found in the eastern idea of karma. Yellow candles enhance confidence, creativity, intelligence, mental clarity, and the bringing of plans to maturity. Red candles promote love, intimate relationships, strength, vitality, courage and the attaining of ambitions. Vanilla fragrance can be blended with red candles and they can be used in bedrooms.

Violet candles can be used in the recovery from disease, for health, peace of the soul, the acquisition of wealth and respect for others, wisdom, professional advancement, the burning off of negative karma, dream interpretation and physical healing powers.

Purple candles bring spiritual awareness and assist in making changes and getting fast results. Green candles promote healing and stimulate growth, fertility, luck, abundance, good fortune, protection, confidence, generosity, and the healing of physical disorders.

Green is associated with nature and represents the element of earth.  

Black candles can expel destructive negative energies and give highly protection. They can help expel ideas of revenge and prevent negative thoughts. It should be used in private at home. Brown candles remove bad omens, uncertainty and indecision. They can promote calm and stability, mental focus, intuition and perceptual sharpness.

Copper candles help in achieving financial goals and shifts in career. Rose candles promote fulfilment, emotional healing, soul mate attraction, compassion, spirituality, peace and faith, and strong friendships, enlightenment, healing of the digestive system and dealing with violent or stubborn people.

Yellow candles enhance persuasion, learning, memory, clairvoyance, strength, confidence, mental stimulation, inspiration, imagination, overcoming oppression and the healing of respiratory system diseases. Light a yellow candle if you are looking for creativity when writing, for example.

Orange candles represent communication, luck, success, attraction, motivation, self-control, encouragement, vitality and creativity.

They can be used to help meet career goals, legal issues, property transactions, to collect ideas and express desires, to facilitate connections between two persons and to heal nervous system diseases.

Gold candles bring wealth and financial benefits. Grey candles remove negativity and bring neutrality. Silver candles bring stability, clear thoughts, persistence and psychic awareness. They can enhance meditation, awaken intuition and remove negativity.

Candles can also have different shapes, and these are also associated with particular qualities. Triangular-shaped candles can be used for overcoming inner conflicts, enhancing creativity, good luck and stagnant places in the home. Circular-shaped candles can be used for protection, symbolising the cycle of life, unity and infinity. Square-shaped candles are grounding and stabilising.  

Star-shaped candles can be used to enhance imagination. “The five-pointed star is for strengthening and heightening spiritual awareness, while the six-pointed star gives energy, abundance and protection. The seven-pointed star helps communicate internally and externally,” Wanas explains. Size makes no difference, however. Wanas does not advise buying butterfly, heart, or angel-shaped candles as these can be full of chemicals. It is much better to use small, plain candles than large, artificial ones, she says.

The candle flame is a sign of energy in the home. Wanas explains that when a candle flame is stretched out long and then short, this means either that there is insufficient oxygen in the home or that there is tension, conflict or negativity. When the flame length is short and unmoving, this means the energy is becoming balanced.

“During meditation, don’t meditate on the candle flame. Focus on the energy of the colour and the geometric shape, not the flame,” she says.

First, sit in a quiet place without any distraction. Second, play soft background music or religious chanting. Third, state your intention for a particular issue, such as settling a disturbing atmosphere at home, or finding balance, abundance, or protection. Fourth, light the candle and put it in a suitable place and then simply continue what you were doing. Fifth, do this at any time of the day and whether in the morning or at night. It is unnecessary to do it on a daily basis. Follow your intuitions. Do it until you feel satisfied.

How to use candles

Wanas has some simple guidelines for candle use:

- A candle is like a toothbrush and is only for personal use.

- Never mix candles. Charge a candle with one intention and use it for that same intention until it is completely melted.

- Candles should be cleansed before each use to remove any negative energy picked up along the way. Use rose water for cleansing: dip a piece of towel in water and rub the candle smoothly and then leave it to dry.

- Put candles in a safe place away from children or pets.   

- Don’t blow out a candle flame as this can spread negativity. Use a flame snuffer or moist fingers instead.

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