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Current issue | Issue 1335, (9 - 15 March 2017)
Monday,18 February, 2019
Issue 1335, (9 - 15 March 2017)

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Will he ever go away?

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

It is an intriguing tale of deceit, conspiracy and underhanded scheming that would make your head turn. It never happened in US history. Game of Thrones could learn a thing or two from this contemptuous fable.

The former president of the US has such an unquenchable lust for power that nothing is too reprehensible to help him hang on to it.
After a lengthy vacation swimming and golfing in sunny Palm Springs, rubbing elbows with the rich and famous, like him, his intense transition from power became unbearable. He is back in Washington DC, ready to commence his evil deed… a shadow government.
Historically the smooth transmission of power from one president to another was exemplary, until now. For 149 years former presidents secluded themselves and settled elsewhere, to start a new life. President Herbert Walker Bush in Texas discovered a painting talent and is holding an exhibit of his art, at his library in Dallas. His father never stopped pursuing his daredevil hobbies even at age 92. Former president’s Obama’s only hobby seems to be politics — blundering at politics.

The first black American president, elected by the people, served his constitutionally allowed two terms, (eight years), but long before the end, knowing his pick for succession might lose the campaign he started executing his sordid scheme.

It has just been revealed that as sitting president he ordered the wire-tapping of then candidate Trump of his Trump Tower — his home, his office, his citadel. Deny as long as he likes there is evidence that he listened in to his phone calls and as Angela Merkel knows, he has a penchant for eavesdropping.

Loathing the man, his aim is to destroy the Trump presidency at any cost.

He bought a $5.3 million mansion two miles away from the White House, where he, his wife and senior advisor Victoria Jarred maintain offices from which they are to launch the anti-Trump effort and destroy his presidency.
All former presidents are allowed office space at taxpayers’ expense, including security guards, a chief of staff and a press secretary. However, no political activity can be conducted from there, hence the move to plot and plan from the mansion. But can these three do it alone?  
During his 2012 re-election campaign he started a group of activists: “Obama for America”, known as OFA, a group of agitators and activists which grew to be “Organising for Action”, an army of 32,526 followers nationwide, and another 25,000 under training. What are they training for?
With 250 offices across the country, they are ready to rally resistance for Trump at every event.  Registered as a “social-welfare, non-profit organisation”, they need not disclose grants or donors. So far, they are worth $40 million plus. It is common knowledge that radical, activist, billionaire George Soros finances such activities.

Now about the curious “training” planned for these activist volunteers. A six-week programme of professional organisers is formed to learn about progressive idol Saul Alinsky’s “Agitation Tactics”. It is run by former Obama officials and staffers. Four-hundred rallies are planned to fight Trump on Obamacare’s repeal, Immigration and Race-Relations. Anti-Trump manuals are distributed with instructions on how to disrupt Republican town hall meetings. They are to spread themselves among the crowd. Only two can sit together, to avoid being conspicuous, to ask provocative questions, raise their voices, seize the microphone, and distribute the video to social-media, TV networks, the press, etc.

This was all revealed by a radio station in Louisiana, the plot with all its sordid details.

A study conducted by the Media Research Centre found that 88 per cent of broadcast news coverage is hostile to Trump. All liberals, Obama is media’s rock star.

There is more.
Before leaving the White House, he deliberately sabotaged Trump’s transition by dispersing classified information, in an effort to associate Trump in collusion with the Russians, planting the seed that the Russians influenced the elections. Investigations by Congress prove that despite the Russians’ hacking  they did not change the outcome of the elections.

Highly regarded conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh believes that Obama is “devoting himself to overthrow Trump”.

Trying to recapture “that first fervent rapture” of power, Obama finds it harder than all other former presidents to walk away from it.

At his last meeting with his activists, while feverishly campaigning for his wrong pick, Hillary Clinton, he assured his audience: “He was cooking up something.” Ominous news, considering what he has “cooked” for us so far.

Furious that his party has lost both houses of Congress and the presidency, he has only himself to blame for his constant abuse of power, misjudgement and lack of experience.

Yet all he talks about is preserving his legacy. What legacy — so shameful and misguided. Preferably, it should be forgotten by all.

Take a moment and ponder on what life was like before Obama. The US was safe, Europe was safe and the Middle East was not in shambles.

The Islamic State is his creation. It could have been squashed during its early days. He chose not to.

His last statement to OFA: “There are things I can do better out of office because of the institutional constraint of the presidency.”
If he has constrained himself for the last eight years, what terror is he planning for the future?

Former presidents simply went away to enjoy a non-constrained life.

If only he would behave and just go away.

“The object of power is power.”
George Orwell (1903-1950)

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