Friday,26 April, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1336, (16 - 22 March 2017)
Friday,26 April, 2019
Issue 1336, (16 - 22 March 2017)

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Happy Mother’s Day

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 Happy Mother’s Day
Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is here again in Egypt, the perfect time to pamper your mother and cherish the special bond of love you share with her. Whether it’s your own mother, your grandmother or other mother figures who have been with you throughout your life, a mother adds enormous value to your life. She is the guiding power that shapes your life and your personality.

No doubt it can be a tough task to decide on the ideal gift for your amazing mother or how to celebrate her day. The good news is that your mother will always appreciate your feelings and will treasure a gift from someone whom she loves the most. The key is to consider what she would want the most and then plan to make the day a special one for her.

Here are some ideas to help you pamper your mother and show her how much you love her.

- Ask your mother how she’d like to spend the day and what would make her feel most special. Think about giving her a gift certificate for something she wouldn’t ordinarily splurge on.
- Try to find the best recipe for your mother’s favourite food and cook it with love and then enjoy eating the delicious meal together. Remember that spending quality time with your mother is better than any gift you can buy.  

- Turn you mother’s bathroom into a luxury spa. Run her a bath with salts and her favourite essential oils to add a beautiful scent. Chop up cucumbers for her tired eyes and make her a homemade face mask with yoghurt, banana and honey to give her radiant skin. Dot the bathtub with a candle or two to add atmosphere.

- Arrange to celebrate with family members. Plan a day trip, a picnic, having lunch at her favourite restaurant, or even going to watch a film of favourite actor or actress. What really matters is the time you can spend with your mother and your family, as mothers love to celebrate happy moments with family members.

- Get the kids involved. If you have children, ask each of them to create a special handmade card for their grandmother letting her know how much they love her. If they’re old enough, let them bake a cake for your mother. She will definitely love their baking.

- Create a Web page (you can ask a friend for help if you don’t have the necessary skill) and dedicate it to your mother. Upload some old family photographs, fun memories and so on, and send the link to your mother on Mother’s Day as a special gift.

- Get her some seedlings or bulbs and plant them together as a family in window boxes or as potted herbs.

- Last, but not least, give her a big hug and tell her how much you love her and appreciate all she has done for you.

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